More_Shots: Words of a Simple Chaos Coach

I skipped my normal press conference this week. I grow tired of the questions and allegations.  Sure, maybe I kidnapped a skink or two.  I might have even influenced an APO into not saving a player.  I might have even been involved in some price gouging on the beastman market.  We all are guilty of something.  But, at the end of the day I’m nothing special.  Just a coach trying to win a few games and have some fun.  Do I drink too much? Sure I do.  But, I’m no better or worse than any other coach in this league.  This past week I played a pro game against coach Rez.  It started off like most pro games.  Very serious.  Both teams deep in focus.  But, as the game went on we both loosened up.  Began chatting more.  Having a good time.  He’s a good coach and a fun person to play against.  I’ve done a bunch of farming against him and the pro game was boring compared to the normal level of entertainment we put on the field.  We are currently cooking up a few ideas for special “Friendly” exhibition events for you all to watch.  But, that is news for a different day.  I don’t want to ramble on for too long.  So, let’s get to the point.  Not all victories take place on the field and not all ties don’t have winners.  It was an honor to welcome the challenge league champs into the pros.  I’m proud to share a tie with them.  I hold him and his team in high respect.  I wish them luck this season as they will need it.  The First 4 and Iron League are filled with skillful coaches and dangerous teams.  It reflects this league well.  We play a tough game against skilled people.  I’m grateful for the coaches and teams I face.  For they push me to my limits and make me a better coach.  Just a few words from a simple chaos coach.