Morning after misery

The locker room after losing the championship game was a somber one. Lots of questions about choices that were made. Players and Coach Spawn seconding guessing themselves. But nothing can be taken away from Caven and the Kru.

The Skuttle Butts after party was still loud and energetic. Looking back they couldn’t help but be proud. From not making playoffs to Runner up. Overall a successfull year.

To celebrate Jerkin’s touchdown in the championship coach Spawn produced an exotic drink. It seemed to have an eerie green glow to it.

“I predicted Jerkin’ would have a big night. Although he was banged up our league APO got him back on the field. He made some nice moves and got into the end zone and for that he shall be rewarded.”

Jerkin’ chugged the contents of the mug. After a brief minute of violent convulsions and a brief episode of unconsciousness, he awoke. Whatever was in that drink mutated him. To everyones surprise he had sprouted a new head. It seems we have a new Star player in the making to replace Juken’. If only he can survive that long.

See you next season MML Fans!