Morningstar Missteps Lead to Another Tie

Mousillon, Bretonnia

Fans in attendance Sunday afternoon, at the appropriately named, Mousillon Memorial Stadium, were witnesses to one of the more memorable Season 4 Blood Bowl matches as the Morningstars battled the Champions of Valhalla.  Unfortunately for the Mousillon fans,  this match will be remembered as one of the greatest collapses in MML history as the Morningstars twice blundered an easy touchdown resulting in a 0-0 draw against the visiting Champions of Valhalla.

Following the epic pre-match celebration on Saturday by team-owner Archibald Drumph, the Morningstar squad and coaching staff appeared to be suffering from a severe “hang over” of a sort.   Count Drumph declined to speak to the press after the match stating, “I’m disgusted by this entire spectacle today…and I need to re-access every level of this organization.” Instead  a disappointed, but unbowed Morningstar Head Coach Sturmjarl fielded questions from the press after the game.

“Yes, today might be the most disappointing match of my coaching career, “Coach Sturmjarl said, “I admire what Coach Shadow has done in his first PRO season in the MML… but they were who we thought they were…and we let them off the hook!” (R.I.P. Dennis Green)

When asked what affect that Saturday’ s festivities may have had on his team’s performance, Coach Sturmjarl confessed, “Well, these early afternoon matches are always tougher for us than the evening games…and that rally certainly didn’t help things…including that we had just signed a freebooter Knight…a Sir What’s His Name?…from Wherever?…except he was in no shape to play after last night and didn’t show up!”

A disappointing first half riled the crowd such that a riot was barely contained by the Bretonnian Security Gate.  The Morningstars were outmanned after Dagobert de Parravon could not return after being knocked out by Valhalla’s Yehtee, Snow.  The Morningstars were now outmanned and being out-coached in the second half until Yeoman Louis d’Epee unexpectedly completed an impressive pass to Rookie Knight, Sir Hilary of Clinton.  And then a calamitous series of events occurred.

Coach Sturmjarl explained his recollection of theses events, “We were down men and not playing well. Under the circumstances, I was surprised it was still tied! Then d’Epee made that miraculous pass to Hilary, and I thought we might have a shot. Valhalla turned over and I started to count the yards. I wasn’t certain what Coach Shadow could do to stop Hilary.”

At this point, Dagobert of Paravon stumbled out the dugout and was seen conversing with Coach Sturmjarl on the sideline.

“We really missed Dagobert’s veteran experience in the second half and his advice is always welcomed,” said Sturmjarl, ” …Dagobert wanted to let Hilary score quickly… but I had counted the yards and shouted Hilary to Hold. Regretfully, Hilary claims the crowd was so loud at this point, that he heard the order to Go. 

Sir Hilary then proceeded to stumble and fall at the goal line in Turn 15.  After another quick CoV turnover, Yeoman Louis Le Poopoo grabbed the ball and tried stretching for the end zone, only to also slip and fall short of the goal. The game ended 0-0 draw.

“I was furious and disappointed, of course!” Sturmjarl exclaimed, “Sir Hilary is a rookie and maybe got over excited about scoring his first touchdown..but he has to play better if he thinks I’ll let him get touch the ball again…No one wants to give away a win…I need to get this team better prepared…Heck, we have the shortest turn around as we play the Super StreetFighters Monday Night!  Prime time and Bright Lights…We’ll need a short memory to bounce back from this game.”

Coach Sturmjarl then praised one of his players, “Veteran Peasant PreachMJ was outstanding in his play today. Preach took it upon himself to take Valhalla Star, Nike off the pitch not once…but twice..permanantly  (R.I.P. Nike).  He even went toe to toe with that monster, Snow…and survived!”

Coach Sturmjarl was less patient with questions on rumors  his “Knights are doing the real coaching” and his “split allegiances this match by being a former Norscan Blood Bowl Player.”

“Utterly ridiculous! Tell the Nobles spreading those lies to say it to my face…at their detriment.”

Count Drumph did send out one scathing Tweet to the Magic media this evening.

“Fr:TheRealDrumph: Unbelievably coincidental how much Cod Oil those barbarian Cheaters of Valhalla  rub all over their bodies!!!#Smells Fishy #Foreign Substance #Slippery Field #MML Collusion”

Mousillon plays The Super StreetFighter  Elves Monday at 7 P.M. EST.




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