Morningstars’ Best Season Eclipsed by Challenge League “Upstarts”

Mousillon, Bretonnia

A dark cloud (or darker cloud, depending on your class standing) has shrouded the residents of Mousillon this last week. The Morningstars are having their most successful season to date, but there has been little to celebrate for the organization or their fan-base as the Morningstars drew against Coach BMFJiggs and The Black Marsh Monitors with a score of 1-1. The grave diggers have been working overtime as THREE MORE (three in ONE GAME?…Seriously?) Morningstar players have joined the too many valiant fallen over the team’s first four seasons. Coach Sturmjarl has tried to keep morale up for his team as they enter into the last week of the MML regular season. Although eliminated from playoff contention, the Morningstars are battling for their first MML Pro Bowl Game; only needing a draw against Coach Hezekiah and Necro Feel-Ya this week. Morningstar Head Coach Sturmjarl had this comment following the funerals for the three dead peasant linemen (whose names we’ve already forgotten).

I’m very pleased with how this team has battled through the peaks and valleys of this season. I know as Head Coach it’s never easy losing players…and this last game was uncommonly brutal (Ya Think?)…but to sustain that many losses and draw was something this team could not have done in the past…I hope my coaching (you call what you’re doing coaching?) can measure up to my team’s outstanding play this season.

Despite the Morningstars’ success in Season 7, controversy continues to follow the team (Heaven’s No…never). Although Morningstar fan support and attendance in Mousillon Memorial Stadium has been steady throughout the team’s existence, CabalVision viewer-ship has been declining this season. Meanwhile, a new Bretonnian team in the MML Challenge League, The Order of The Holy Squirrels, has found a significant and vocal fan-base  across the rest of Bretonnia, as well as all over the Old World. The immediate success of The Holy Squirrels and Head Coach Andycuk has dampened the spotlight on the Morningstars’ organization as well as…of course…Team owner…(wait for it)…Count Archibald Drumph. Count Drumph had this to say concerning the season.

I think Coach Sturm is doing a really, really stupendous job…it’s a shame some peasants had to die…but we built this beautiful wall…and we’re really looking forward to hosting a Bowl game (you got to GET THERE first!)…in our very, very luxurious stadium (only Level 2 *meh*)…with very expensive box seats…on top of our incredible wall (enough with the Wall already *eye roll*)…But I don’t understand why the MML media is constantly ignoring…my wonderful accomplishments (?)…by talking so much about a team … in a Challenge League that I know nothing about (But Everyone should *wink*). Why can’t EVERYONE just SHUT UP about ? (*read in a nasally whiny voice*) “How AMAZING AndyCuk and his Flying Rats are….blabbedy blah blah blah!”  Let me tell you something…

WE WERE HERE FIRST!!! (Not True)…and We DO IT BETTER!!(Ummm…also Not true)  And WE COULD BEAT THEM ANYTIME WE CHOOSE!!! (Ummm..probably not) If Coach AndyCuk is SOOOO SMART… then why did I just hire his MVP cast-off Peasant lineman for the Morningstars?

I am a MASTER negotiator…and got Peasant Little Marc…with his 5 SPP’s…for only 40,000 Gold Crowns!! #Winning!! (except that’s not how it works, Your Worshipfullness).

Little Marc…and the rest of the Morningstars face off against Necro Feel-Ya Monday 4pmish EST/3pmishCST (Good luck, Hez!)

#Making Bretonnia…*Sigh* (Way to Go Andy *Thbbft!!*)



  1. Did they hire a CL Journeyman from the Squirrels game!?!?! Drumph has crazy money… but, I didn’t think that was possible.

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