Morningstars Fall Short in Bowl Game, Sturmjarl gets Weepy (Ugh!)

Mousillon Memorial Stadium

The Mousillon Morninigstars battled against Coach Doneagle and The Leaping Lizards in The Goblin Gambling Bowl; losing 2-1 in a well-fought contest in Mousillon Memorial Stadium.  The Bretonnian crowd cheered their home team as they left the field, concluding their inaugural season in The M.M.L. Pro League with only 2 losses, but disappointingly only 2 wins.  Coach Sturmjarl alone spoke at the post press conference.

“I’d like to congratulate The Leaping Lizards and Coach Doneagle; a coach I have the utmost respect for. He and his team played a great game today. I would also like to thank  the citizens of Mousillon for all their support this season. We may not have won this game or made the playoffs…but  I can tell you how proud I am of this team…with all their ups and downs.”


“Our motto was to Make Bretonnia Great Again! this season and though we didn’t make it to the top of the mountain yet; this team has made their mark on The Dungeon West (The BEST!) and all of the M.M.L… Prior to this bowl game…This team had only lost ONE Week 1 of the regular season, and nearly beat…twice…the only undefeated and top-ranked team, Just Norsin’ Around (Congrats, Commie)!”



Coach Sturmjarl paused to collect himself before continuing.

“This League has been one of my most rewarding Blood Bowl experiences that I have had over the 20+ years of playing (20+ Years?!? How can he be SO mediocre?!?) . I cannot express how fortunate I feel being a part of this community and how much I appreciate all my fellow coaches.  It has been a complete joy playing and spectating these matches, as well as, reading and writing these stories and connecting with all these remarkable players.”  (Thanks to All the announcers: More_Shots, SeriousJest #Thanks For April, too!, ReznorRulesYou and the rest!  I’ll take the Mic soon!)”


“I’d like to especially thank all my opposing Coaches in Season 4: Sestonn (DignityHasNone!… but those Amazing stories!), Shadow-webster (First M.M.L. Video Attack Ad!?!), , AfroChef82 (Beware the misclicks), Hezekiah (R.I.P. Nobody loves You, Pedro!), TigerShark (Great Legacy Team!) and  CommieCOZY (#tainted  *wink*).  And most especially,  PreachMJ for bringing this group together! Thanks, Preach!!! #The M.M.L. IS Great!! *APPLAUSE*”


“Finally, Good Luck to all you coaches heading to the playoffs!! (Fr:TheRealDrumph: Boo!! #Losers). Count Drumph (Oh, He’s not going , Anywhere, Lol!) and I look forward to seeing all of you on the pitch in Season 5!” (Hit me up  guys if you are ever in the Orlando area!  (No, i probably CANNOT get you into Disney World (Boo!), but I can show you my Blood Bowl Miniature collection, lol #Nerd)”

#Still (trying to) Making Bretonnia Great Again!


  1. You will, and are, making Bretonnia great Sturm! I absolutely love that catchphrase. 🙂 Really good article! Thanks sir! 😉

  2. Wow, awesome story. And so Knightly of you to thank everyone! #MakingBretonniaGreatAgain

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