Morningstars Steal Win from StreetFighters?

Mousillon, Bretonnia

The Morningstars shook off their hang-over from their last game to host the recently promoted Super StreetFighters Elves on Monday night to another sold out crowd at Mousillon Memorial Stadium. The StreetFighters arrived surprisingly late to the game, blaming bad directions in their travels to Mousillon from Naggaroth. The impatient crowd gave the visiting Dark Elves the traditional Bretonnian welcome of of boos and hisses, once again showing why they are called the “Twelfth Yeoman”.  Morningstar Coach Sturmjarl was all business before the opening kickoff. “Coach AfroChef and The StreetFighters are new to the PRO League,” Sturmjarl said, “but I certainly know how dangerous the Dark Elves are on the Blood Bowl pitch.”  And Coach AfroChef certainly brought the danger by hiring Star Player Hubris Rakarth specifically for this match.

The chance of a prime-time showcase match announced by fan-favorite CabalVision crew SeriousJest and More_Shots, only amped up the expectations for the Morningstar players and staff.  Team owner, Archibald Drumph had kept an uncharacteristically low profile this day after a roller coaster weekend of both the highest highs with his Saturday Rally;  and the lowest lows with the disappointing tie against the Champions of Valhalla.  “This team and staff better put on their best effort tonight,” Drumph scoffed.  “The entire M.M.L. are watching tonight to see MY team play HARD… and *expletive* Win…or Else!”

Coach Sturmjarl appeared to throw caution to the wind early in the opening offensive drive with unorthodox spacing and a surprising lack of what many consider the fundamentals of Blood Bowl. The crowd was actually starting to turn against the Morningstars as Star Blitzer Dagobert de Parravon sprinted away from his teammates; attempting to break away for a score. The deliberate Dark Elves simply knocked down the errant Knight and whisked the ball away. Only an opportunistic blitz  by Louis LePoopoo knocked the ball free from The StreetFighters.  But as so often happens with the Morningstars, they only seem to do everything half right.  The ball scattered unnecessarily into the crowd; ruining any chance of a Morningstar score. Coach AfroChef was content ending the first half scoreless, trusting the agility of his elves to score in the second half.

Forwarding ahead, the second half was a mess for the Morningstars. The StreetFighters took complete control of the ball and most of the pitch, as well.  An irate Coach Sturmjarl  paced up and down the sidelines; screaming at players, referees  and the Heavens themselves (#announcers) as his team’s  struggle continued! Then the unexpected occurred as the  StreetFighters were nearing the Morningstar end zone .  StreetFighter Guile tapped on his helmet as he searched for Coach AfroChef on the sideline before inexplicably falling down from a block leading to a turnover.  The Bretonnians  roared their approval as Coach AfroChef and the rest of the Dark Elves stood shocked and slack-jawed by the turn of events.  The Morningstars rallied behind their “Twelfth Man”,  leading to a score late by Knight Godefroy d’Artois.

But The StreetFighters still had just enough time for one last drive to try and tie the match, and Coach AfroChef called a play for his most potent weapon,  Hubris Rakarth. The Morningstar Knights had targeted the resilient Star Player most of the game with little success.  The StreetFighter Blitz was called and Hubris charged toward Dagobert before pulling short of his target; tapping on his helmet…shrugging to the sideline… and falling down from a hard right cross from the mighty Knight!  Coach AfroChef threw his headset to the ground in frustration; Morningstars win 1-0.

The stunned Dark Elves immediately left the stadium in utter disgust from the outcome of the match, refusing the post game handshake and press conference. Alternatively, the Morningstar locker room was full of festivity. Both Team-Owner Coach Drumph and Coach Sturmjarl  gave celebratory comments praising players and staff (Blah, Blah,Blah) before taking questions (more blah,blah,blah); finally taking a telling question from a mysterious reporter from Nagarroth.

R: “Count Drumph, what would you and Coach Sturmjarl say about claims that The StreetFighters’ helmet radios unexpectedly malfunctioned during the match…twice?”

Drumph: “That’s preposterous!…I only have the finest equipment in all of the M.M.L. That sounds like the talk of a sore loser…none of the helmets show any malfunction…they all work perfectly fine!”

R: “They did work fine, Your Holiness.  They sent and received messages all game as normal… until those two plays…where the StreetFighter players  received conflicting orders…from an Elvish voice…in a dialect that they did not recognize.”

Sturmjarl:” …Is that true? How is that possible?”

D: “Of course that isn’t true! The M.M.L. regulates all the spell-channels that go into those helmets…I have nothing to do with that! Are YOU accusing ME? This is just more slanderous lies and contempt from the M.M.L for everything that I have accomplished…it was just the CROWD NOISE… IF.. it was EVEN POSSIBLE… that’s something that Commissioner Preach would do…and try to FRAME me!”

R: “Coach Sturmjarl, didn’t you used to coach the Nevermore Ravens?…Do you speak Dark Elvish, sir?”

Coach Sturmjarl never got the opportunity to respond as Bretonnian guards rushed in and escorted all the reporters out of the stadium. A media blackout has been issued by Count Drumph for all of Mousillon. It was later discovered that the anonymous reporter from Naggaroth was with no media outlet and has not been seen since.  Commissioner Preach could not be reached for comment.

The Mousillon Morningstars face The Grandiose Gladiators in Week 6.

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