Morningstars Win Bowl Game, Drumph Challenges Squirrels

Mousillon, Bretonnia

The long wait is over in Mousillon as their Morningstars have given the majestic city and the team’s loyal fans its first post-season victory. The Morningstars defeated The Walking Dead Reanimated 2-0 in surprising fashion; winning The McMurty’s Famous Bowl! Generally a large under-dog in most matches, the Bretonnians played a strong match against a well-coached, but under-manned and lackadaisical  Undead opponent.  Count Benjamin Carson had a particularly impressive match, scoring both Morningstar touchdowns as well as adding two casualties; including the late-game death of the Walking Dead Mummy star, Glenn Rhee. The Walking Dead’s Head coach, Count Fnords had kept no secret that this was the last season he would be coaching the team. The Walking Dead had sustained massive injuries prior to this Bowl game courtesy of The Bill Cower Power Hour (sponsored by B’Orc & Deck’r Buzz Saws) and appeared fairly uninspired in their play.

Count Fnord’s, who strangely arrived to the game wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops, had little to say at the post-game press conference, except “WooHoo!! I’m Going to Disney World!!!”, before grabbing a suitcase and skipping out  a side door. (Bye Fnords, We’ll miss you next season!!)

Coach Sturmjarl made a brief statement at the post-game press conference:

 “I’m so very proud of my team for truly gutting it out against a formidable opponent in Count Fnord’s and The Walking Dead Reanimated….I’m just  glad to finally bring home a great victory to Mousillon (by way of Florida, The Canada of the South! Right, LouLiz? ) and these Amazing fans!”

Morningstar Team Owner, Count Drumph then took the podium:

 “Now THAT’S what’s Winning is all about…Bing, Bing, Bing…Undead players falling down throughout the match. A really stupendous victory which is what should be expected going into next season!”

Count Drumph then took one question, specifically choosing Marcus Leightdolf from Just Score! 

Marcus: “Count Drumph! What a great Season 7 for you and all of Bretonnia!  Do you feel the success of The Morningstars, as well as The Order of The Holy Squirrels has put a positive spotlight on Blood Bowl in Bretonnia and the rest of The MML for Season 8?”

Count Drumph, scowled before his response.

“You know, Marcus, I’m sick and tired of hearing these “Fake News” Bretonnian Squirrels mentioned in the same breath by the as Bretonnia’s Favorite team, The Morningstars!…You know What?…It’s time this debate is put to rest for the “Liberal MML Media”….I am personally challenging “sir” AndycUK and his Flying Rats to a (Not so) Friendly Exhibition Match before the start of The MML Season 8… to Ultimately decide which team is the BEST IN ALL of BRETONNIA!!








  1. Stars and Squirrels!!! This is what the people want to see. Drumph is a man of the people and he is gonna give the people what they want!!!

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