Mousillon and Drumph Welcomes its Newest Knight!

Mousillon, Bretonnia

Little news has been heard from Morningstar Training Camp as the the lone Bretonnian team in the MML Pro League has been preparing for Season 5. Team owner Count Archibald Drumph has lifted his media black-out for the organization; televising the day-long pep rally being held prior to the Morningstars opening match against the New Orcland Grunts. The Morningstars surprisingly released (All together everybody, 1…2…3…You’re FIRED!) Sir Hilary of Clinton in the off-season (according to sources:”He couldn’t be trusted with the ball, blocking..or pretty much anything!”). This left an open roster spot for a big (And Is he BIG!?!) transfer from the Farm league. Count Drumph took the podium with one of the largest knights to ever take the Blood Bowl pitch.

” It seems like yesterday that I was annointed a Count by King Leon himself and given the opportunity to Make Bretonnia Great Again. Today, I am pleased to announce our newest addition to the Morningstar ranks…a member of the Bretonnian Royal family …AND a fellow Count…Introducing Count Benjamin Carson!!”

The Mousillon crowd erupted with cheers as Count Carson took to the stage.  To say Carson is big is to say Drumph is a wall-flower. Count Carson stooped a bit to reach the microphone with some comments.

“I’d like to say how content I am to represent the Royal family on this team.  I look forward to leading this team to greater victories. I know I will contribute right away to get this team where it deserves to be… for you fans…the King…and all of Bretonnia!”

Once again, the crowd cheered for their newest Morningstar. A reporter quickly shouted out a question to Carson on his working with Team owner Drumph and Head Coach Sturmjarl.

“Count Drumph and Coach Sturmjarl have done an adequate job so far with the team…especially since they are not true Bretonnians, themselves…nor was Mr. Drumph borne into his newly bestowed Royal title… Regardless, Bretonnia WILL be Great Again… now that I am here!”

The crowd roared their approval once more. Count Drumph stepped to the podium and awkwardly attempted to raise his hand with Carson in solidarity. Instead, the towering knight lifted Drumph off his feet before unceremoniously dropping him to the ground and shuffling off the stage to go find his misplaced luggage.

Mousillon faces of against The New Orcland Grunts on The Battle Field, Tuesday between 6:30-7:00 PM (EST).

Making Bretonnia Great Again!



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