Moving onwards

So, The Speedo Heroes have been elivated from the CL to the Pro division (probably more due to racial diversity than coaching skill) they inherit a W0/D0/L1 record, to make things worse due to RL issues i had to forfiet my next match so our accendance in the division is damaged even more, we are fighting to stay in the division now…..

Also, following Sturla’s “indiscretion” back at the castle ( See: Big hassle at the Castle) it appears we have some powerful enemies….


“Your late!!” the small man with a load voice and a big clipboard shouts as the team step ashore, ” you’ve missed your first match, you idiots”
“We are also very hungover, so don’t shout again” the official realises he’s out numbered by a host of large warriors with tattoos who have all staggered off the ship that just docked, its crew also looking worse for ware
“Now where can we get some sleep?” Eilivaror has trouble focusing but gets his message across before leaning over the side of the jetty and feeding the fish, as he straightens up the little man continues with some garbled explanation as to why they must go with him now, no time for sleep, sounds like a set up but what did he expect? guess some vendettas reach across the oceans….

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