Murder The Bridge

Coach Brun went over and over the events of that fateful day in his skull the lads were in a cheerful mood despite their third loss they had given the chorf apo plenty of work and felt this was a turning point in what had been a disappointing start to the Hornets MML debut season.

Brun’s memory of the day was hazy and it haunted him he couldn’t remember who he had seen on the bridge that day and why his dying words were “Thunden” he had lots of questions and very little in the way of answers new rumours emerged each day but the investigation had stalled and worryingly each witness that went to MML headquarters to be interviewed disappeared shortly after.

Mad Frankie Fraser had been eliminated from enquiries a statement that “Mad Frank is to stupid to have pulled of this glorious I mean murderous act” was released by detective Tom Kettering.

The only living eye witness a gobbo from the Red Eyed clan had gone into hiding despite Thunden’s assertion that he could probably  protect the gobbo from harm, Kris Terd Juniors body was still to be found, “what a mess” Brun said out loud. But whatever the outcome of the investigation he had to put all his energy into coaching what remained of the Hornets they hadn’t rested playing game after game in a gruelling regime designed to have them ready and raring to go should they be given a ticket back into the big leagues.


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