Never Go Full Bernie

What a bad start to the season a loss in our first game I’m soaking wet threw and this stupid warrior Closeness who is supposed to be the guy who holds the line of scrimmage all he bloody does is just grins at me all the time. If he was as good at hitting as he was at grinning he would of pitch cleared the Misfits. Anyway I’m home time to chill relax and watch some film however hard it was going to be. But nope that would have been to easy as I entered the lounge there was the boss with a face like thunder. What happened Bernie he bellowed just then I snapped I went into Full Bernie mode what happened I will tell you what happened. It BEEPING Rained that’s what happened these useless beasts spent the whole first half trying to pick the ball up after the Misfits had scored. This present you gave me the warrior to hold the line all he does is Grin look at him! I pointed to the warrior the boss looked and closeness grinned at the boss on cue and gave him the fonz pose you see that’s all he BEEPING Does he is a useless BEEP BEEP BEEP The only consistent thing about him is he is useless BEEP he hasn’t progressed 1 spec since ive had him. And don’t get me started on the speedster the Usain Bolt of Nurgle all he did was chase his own stars in the KO room all second half oh and then there is the poster boy of the Cowboys the one that can dodge anything shame after spending an eternity just picking the ball up he couldn’t evade a beastmans fist and score the equalizer the best players on the pitch was the Rotters the BEEPING Rotters.

These four Nurgle warriors might as well be called the Four Ponies if that performance is to go by there toothless none of them are nurgle enough to have grown claws yet but I tell you what boss I’m not relying on you paying off the officials or these guys to actually do there job all on there own. Nope the honeymoon is over may I introduce my assistant who is going to whip these ponies into stallions. May I introduce to you Steve Michaels the most bad ass Werewolf in the MML. I noticed a hint of fear in the boss he looked worried and dumbfounded you got Steve Michaels to help us in our cause. I nodded and then the boss relaxed and seemed relieved. Steve is going to be training them and giving them some stevie snacks to help them get stronger and grow some claws. Just then Steve walked up to the desk put his claws on the mahogany desk and leaned over to come face to face with the Boss Michaels spoke.

Playtime is over this isn’t the year of the Rooster its the year of the Wolf and not any wolf but Steve Frikking Michaels wolf and he was going to make sure this pack started winning things or they will end up in a doggy bag and fed to Shawn Michaels.


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