Nevermoor Ravens Upset Skuttle Butts, Avoiding relegation to the Farm

Nevermoor, Naggaroth –  In a surprising move, The High Council of Nevermoor has released a statement supporting Raven Head Coach Sturmjarl and confirming that The Ravens will continue competing in the Mead and Mayhem League for for the upcoming Season 3. This statement follows the Ravens upsetting the  over-whelming favored Skuttle Butts 2-0 in their last match. This win should secure The Ravens with a berth in a TBD post-season bowl game.
    After a roller-coaster season, the Ravens broke a three-game losing streak due to the heroics of Star Blitzer Taldrir, scoring both Raven touchdowns.  Rumors of relegation to the Farm league had left both Raven players and coaching staff uncertain of the future of the team.  In a  scroll written in ancient Drow Elvish, the reclusive High Council spoke of “maintaining the Raven organization so long as blood continues being spilt for the Alighty Kaine; be it the blood of the unworthy opposing lesser races, Raven players or certain members of the Raven sideline staff’s…or staff’s families.Kaine cares not for whose Blood spills…nor does this Council care. Coarch Sturmjarl knows exactly what is expected of him and the team. Blood for Kaine and wins.”
    Raven Head Coach Sturmjarl looked less than comforted when asked for a reaction to the High Council’s renewed support Quote “I have no comment…except I want my family to know that I love them and hope to continue on winning into the next season…for everone’s sake.”