New Evidence Emerges: The Populace of New Orcland vs Terrorist Group Sinister 7

Earlier this morning New Orcland attorney Roborc Shapirorc has filed additional suits against the terrorist group, the Sinister 7, and named additional members of the terrorist cult organization.

“We have confirmed two additional members of the terrorists.” said Mr. Shapirorc.

Two additional names where added to the suits against the organization this morning. Citing “covert, as well as open acknowledgement of affiliation with active participation in terrorist activity.” The two additional names where not made public, but a source at WikOrc Leaks has cited them as being Proudstarr and Berzo1985.

Filings against the terrorist organization have also been filed for defamation of character and slander. When it was made public that a member of the Sinister 7, had dressed up a rotting corpse as a mockery of Uncle Jessie, the New Orcland legal team did not hesitate to act.

“This is a clear defamation of the legacy of Uncle Jessie, as well as an offense to his family and team. The mockery will not stand and the New Orcland Grunts and the Nation of New Orcland demand that this charade be stopped immediately.” retorted Mr. Shapirorc.

“Terrorist groups have no place here, or anywhere for that matter,” said Mr. Shapirorc. “We will rout them out, one way or the other.”

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