New Gaesmal Diaries: shall we go on for next season?

Dear diary, even if regular season isn’t over yet, I think it’s time to make an appraisal of the team now.

Don’t worry, with my « management for dummies book », I know perfectly what I have to do.

Watch :

I RESULTS ( I’ll have to find a device or something to make those words pretty looking ; maybe a unicorn draw or something?)

Well… Let’s say they are encouraging. Some might say I’m the only responsible for them, but hey !!! Am I on the pitch, dear diary ? What you’re saying ? « results weren’t better when I use to play ? » Heyyyy ! Garbage aren’t far, and… Waht do you mean « I’ll miss the garbage anyway » ? Enough ! Encouraging results, check.

II EXPECTATIONS (Maybe two unicorns would be a little too much ? What about a tiny mouse, then?)

I must say, players are imporving very well. Don’t know how they manage to, as I never got time to train them – you know how it goes, with all those meetings, interviews, funerals… Im’ clearly out of time. But still, I’m proud of them, or let’s rather say proud of my work. HA ! I amaze myself !

III FINANCE (a gold crow symbol should be enough there, unless I find a better idea)

The good news is I paid everything bill I had to. The bad news is… There’s not a single gold crown left. But heyyyy ! It’s other teams fault, they do nothing but killing or wounding our guys ! So I try to find an insurance, but all I got was a scratch to my foot trying to block the door they were shutting to my nose. Oh, and a bleeding noze too. Nice. Well I guess it could have been worse, seeing the shape of some of our players… Anyway, I need to find money ; how am I supposed to pay that… sweet company I like otherwise ?


AH ! I can be proud of that ! That’s simple : every single time I step on the training pitch, all I hear is the team laughing. The ambiance looks awesome ! There are diffcult moment obviously, like in the locker room after a defeat (NO dear diary, NO IT’S NOT THAT OFTEN!!!), or during funerals but heyyy ! Those moments are simply unavoidable to enjoy good ones, so I don’t really care about it. Well there’a thing though… I’d like players to obey me, at least once or twice, that would be really nice. It doesn’t really matter I suppose, but… Well, it would just be nice to me.

V CONCLUSION (Come on diary, I don’t think a slapping door is the proper illustration here)

Results aren’t excellent but they’re enough for me, there’s no money left, but tram spirit and improvals are a reasonable reason to go on I suppose. How that «  You don’t have anything else to do », dear diary ?? I have plenty of proposals you know, it’s only because players would be clearly lost without me that I’ll keep on coaching. Be careful diary, garbage is getting closer… But most of all team will registrate for next season !

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