New Incentive: Racial Diversity

LEAGUE OFFICE – In an effort to provide a diverse playing field, the MML is offering incentives to coaches who coach under-represented races at the Pro level. The League does not discourage coaches from playing any race they feel compelled to, and would never turn away a valid registration from a coach in goods standing regardless of the race they are coaching. This is simply an invitation to coaches who would like to help diversify the League at the Pro level.

The League would like to maintain 3 teams per race in each season. Again, no teams will be turned away; the League is simply offering an incentive to any coach willing to help diversify the ranks.


  • 40 bTV will be given to any coach willing to register an under-represented race for a given upcoming season. This bonus TV will not carry-over into other seasons, and is a one-time use.

Under-represented races will be listed prior to, and during Season Registration.

A list of under-represented races can be found here.

Disclaimer: With the introduction of new races to the game, it is possible that quite a few coaches will want to switch to what would be considered in the above definition as an under represented race. The League could also experience coaches who wish to switch to other races that as not represented in order to take advantage of this incentive. The award of this incentive is based on a first come first serve registration basis, with precedence given to returning coaches. This means that the sooner a coach registers their team, the higher likelihood they will have of taking advantage of this incentive. Not all coaches will be able to take advantage of this incentive, and some that intend to do so will not be able to. It is at the League discretion that this incentive is awarded. The League will make every effort to place teams fairly and offer the incentive to as many coaches as possible.