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Greetings Coaches!

I want to take a brief moment to thank you all for making the MML the greatest Blood Bowl community anywhere! That is a big boast, but one that I think quite a few people would substantiate! The MML truly is the standard for Blood Bowl, and I would put you all up against any other coach and/or league…on any platform!

That said, the MML is always looking at opportunities to develop, improve and sustain. To that end, the Coaches Board has been working diligently behind the scenes on many different facets of the League. We’ve come up with a few changes that will impact the League in a significant, and very positive way. I wanted to spell these updates out here, but will continue to support questions as we transition to these new and exciting times!

First off, we have had quite a bit of feedback on the Challenge League and the natural progression (or lack there of) of a coach into the Pro League. We spent the better part of the last few weeks mulling over this and discussing it at the Board level. In a special closed session, held on 11/2/16, the Board passed the following proposal.

Pro Release Program:

  • At the end of each season, the complete Pro standings (all 32) is posted ranking all 32 Pro teams from top to bottom.
  • The bottom 2 teams (#31 & #32) are released from the Pro League and may register for the Challenge League for upcoming season(s).
Pro Promotion Program/Lottery:
  • Season Ending:
    • At the end of each season, the complete Challenge League standings is posted ranking all Challenge League teams from top to bottom.
    • The top 2 teams (Champion & Runner-up) are promoted to the Pro League.
      • In the case that a team is unable to accept a promotion to the Pro League; the next highest-ranked team may take their place (etc. on down the line).
  • Mid-Season
    • Anytime a team leaves the Pro League the top 4 ranked teams (of the same Division – East/West) in the Challenge League will be entered into a lottery to replace the Pro team.
      • Teams promoted during mid-season are immune to being released for that season. In this case, the next lowest ranked team is instead released.
Challenge League Promotion:
  • Mid-Season
    • Anytime a team leaves the Challenge League all eligible coaches in the Farm will be considered for immediate promotion to the Challenge League.

Season Registration:

  • Returning Pro TV Cap Teams
    • Pro Coaches (not released)
      • Automatically returned to the same conference with the same team without registration.
    • Pro Coaches (released)
      • Automatically registered for the Challenge League with the same team
    • Challenge Coaches
      • Automatically returned to the Challenge League with the same team without registration.
      • If there are open Pro slots, returning Challenge League Teams, of the same division, will be entered into a lotto for promotion to these slot(s).
  • New/Farm-to-Pro TV Cap Teams
    • Pro Coaches (all)
      • Must register for the Challenge League
    • Challenge Coaches (all)
      • Must register for the Challenge League
    • Farm Coaches (all)
      • Must register for the Challenge League

Teams must still comply with all TV Caps.

The above ruling now gives a clear progressive path for Challenge Coaches to make their way into the Pro League. This new rule will go into effect on the first day of Season 6. There will be no release or promotion at the end of Season 5.

Next, the Board considered our Incentives and how best to support the progression of coaches within the MML, while providing meaningful incentives. We believe that more is not always better, and a more concise and succinct version of the Bonus TV (bTV) system needed to be put into place.  In a special closed session, held on 11/2/16, the Board passed the following proposal.


Coaches will receive an increase to the League TV Cap for performing certain functions, and/or gaining certain achievements within the League.

Current Incentives

  • 10 bTV – Coach Loyalty.
    • Coaches are awarded 10 bTV for each full season they complete in the MML.
  • 10 bTV – Post Season Eligibility
    • Coaches are awarded 10 bTV for making the post-season (Bowl or Playoffs)
  • 10 bTV – Champion
    • Coaches are awarded 10bTV for winning either the Pro League or Challenge League Championship
  • 10 bTV – Franchise Coach
    • A coach who has a life-time winning percentage of at least .500 for their career, across all teams coached at the Pro level.
  • 30 bTV – Racial Diversity
    • Each Season the League has the option to identify low density races, and award this bTV to a limited number of coaches who register teams of that race for the upcoming season. This is a one-time bTV grant, but can be granted multiple times.
    • This incentive bonus can be used above the Hard Cap.

The Bonus Team Value Hard Cap is set to 100 bTV per Coach.

The above ruling slims down the incentive system, removing some of the bTV bloat we had going on around the League. It also provides a simplified administration and calculation of bTV season to season. This change will go into effect on the first day of Season 6. This means:

The Board realizes that this could potentially change how some coaches approach the upcoming season (Season 6). To this end, we are allowing the following:

  • Coaches can update the team they are registered with to a different team until Nov 12th.
    • No racial diversity slots are available, but coaches can still choose those races (but will get no bTV).
    • Coaches who already registered with a team, and got the Racial Diversity bonus, will most likely not be allowed to switch registration. (Please see a board member).
  • All bTV accumulated to this point (through the end of Season 5) can be used towards Season 6 registration, etc.

Once Season 6 starts, the following will go into effect:

  • Pro Release & Promotion Rules above
  • All bTV will be removed from all coaches.
  • bTV will be recalculated for all coaches given the new Incentive program above.
    • Coaches will not lose any bTV from those incentives that have carried over into the new program.
    • All other bTV will be removed.

We hope you find these changes in your best interest and are as excited as we are to move forward into a new and exciting year in the MML. Sometimes we say year, when we mean season…but in this case, we mean Year!! The MML is now a Year old and we are growing, expanding and bettering each other every day.

Keep up the great job of making the MML the great place that it is!

See you on the Pitch!!!

MML Commissioner





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  1. For the record (not that my opinion matters), I really like this idea. I played in the UKBBL for several seasons on PC, and they employed the same type of system. It made each match count for more, particularly when faced with a win prevents relegation and a loss or draw ensures relegation!

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