New Orcland Grunts, Chaos is Upset!

THE BATTLE FIELD – Heading in to week three the MML had only four unbeaten teams, the #2 ranked Cult of Khorne among them. In fact, the Cult had posted an impressive four touch downs against it’s opponents placing them second in the MML on offense among the unbeaten. Further, they had not allowed a single point to be scored against them all season, and accounted for more opponent Team Value drops than any other team League wide.

Opposite the pitch are the #13 ranked New Orcland Grunts, who’s only bright spot so far this season was to hold the Darkmoon Blades to a 1 score draw. Lack of organization and pitiful performance seemed to be the Grunts mantra thus far; giving up five scores on defense and squeaking out a pitiful one point all season on offense.

The lopsidedness of this match up was evident and a forgone conclusion if you asked the pollsters. The Grunts didn’t rank higher than #13 on any poll, and the Leagues coaches placed them #14 collectively. The Cult on the other hand didn’t rank lower than #3 (coaches poll), boasting the #1 ranking in both the Bloodwieser and MML Index polls – seated comfortably as the #2 team in the League going into last nights match.

Knowing that the home field crowd at The Battle Field would be just as brutal as the Cult if the Grunts didn’t at least provide some entertainment, the coaching staff set to an ambitious practice week that included a mid-week lineman joining the team.

On kick-off the Grunts made a surprise move and benched their Troll, receiving the ball with no heavy guns. Hoping to capitalize on the unique Grunt formation the Cults on-sided the ball, resulting in a touchback. The rest of the half was carnage and brutality as the Grunts made their way (albeit slowly) towards the end-zone, inflicting injuries and knock-outs along the way. In the last moments of the first half, a fumble resulted in a Cult possession but left no time for the Cults to capitalize on the possession.

After the fabulous half-time show, the Cults set to receive, adopting what looked to be a very similar formation to what the Grunts has used in the first half. After an exchange of blows on the line of scrimage and a fumbled attempt to pick up the ball the Cults had enough – they conceded the match!

Post Game Concert Footage

In a post-game interview the Cult’s head coach stated that, “there was no sense in a failed drive, and I didn’t want to risk more injury.”

The Grunts coaching staff had this to say, “It’s a win. Feels good… was Chaos out there.”

With this huge upset the #13 ranked Grunts hope to bolster a positive response from the coaches in the League, as well as the ever popular Bloodwieser Pollsters.

A recap of the game details as well as a re-broadcast of the entire event can be seen here.