New Years Resolutions 2018

2018 will soon be upon us! The MML is pleased to announce the second New Years Resolution Competition, with a new slightly revised format! As was the case last year the players around the club house all talk about how they are going to work out more, eat less and generally do a better job of doing their jobs. The same can be said for many on the coaching staff! – But who will actually stick to these resolutions!

To Sign Up:

  • New Teams Only
  • Request A Ticket to the Competition
    • MML Charity Tournaments > 2018 New Years Resolution
  • Limited to 24 teams total. (Numbers may be revised, based on interest.)
  • Competition Starts in the first week of the new year

Special Rules:

  • Each week there will be a special rule that will be broadcast to all participants. It will be up to YOU to know not only what the special rule is, but to comply.
  • The competition will be round robin and run for 5 weeks.
    • Not everyone will play everyone!
  • The top 4 teams will compete in a knock-out tournament with it’s own special rules.
  • Play weeks will be Mon – Sun, rolling over each week on Monday morning UK time. (Weeks will be strictly monitored.)


  • $10 PSN Gift Card to the winning team.


Also watch this space, for future announcements! More Charity Events are due be announced very shortly! – And a pre-emptive greetings of the festive season and a Very Happy New year to all MML community members!

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