No Joy in Orcland

New Orcland Grunts head coach spent the majority of his post-game press conference talking about the state of the Grunt program, saying that he appreciates the fan support, that his staff is doing things the right way and that he is confident that better days are ahead.

“My biggest focus is the team,” Coach said. “So with all of this going on, we can’t be distracted. We, I know, are going to come back.”

Before Coach took the podium, Grunts Athletic Director issued a vote of confidence in a four-paragraph letter to “Grunt Groupies.”

“Coach has a vision and a plan and is committed to providing the Grunt faithful with a sustained winner which will compete seasonally for championships,” Grunts AD wrote.

Despite a 3-0 loss against the Treehawks, Coach defended how the Grunts have played and answered questions calmly and positively.

“We certainly want to win and we want to do this for everybody, and everybody’s used to it (winning),” Coach said. “We understand that situation…”

Coach wasn’t surprised that some of the grumbling from the fan base started to peak after the loss.

“There’s no doubt we have failed in the eyes of what everybody wants to do,” he said. “That’s a given.”

With several questions revolving around whether or not the Grunts was making progress, Coach was most blunt when discussing the Grunts’ defensive performance, saying “that’s a different story for sure.”

While the Grunts lost 3-0 to the Treehawks, the wood elves didn’t leave the field without incident. No deaths occurred, but the wood elves left with 5 injuries, while the Grunts goblin was the only team member to sustain a scratch (self-inflicted after being tossed by the troll). Rainy conditions and an interception contributed to the loss.