Noble South Conference, Iron League ready for Season 6

Hello sports fans!! Harry Gobbo here with an OSPN exclusive Season 6 preview of the Noble South Conference/Iron League play pool, featuring your favorite Orc side, Wrecking Kru!! Season 6 promises to have some very good games and a thrilling race to the Final among the 32 teams looking to be the last one standing! The NSC/IL looks to be a softer, faster play pool, different from last season’s Iron League/Dungeon West play pool that saw the Wrecking Kru win and advance to the Final. The teams have changed, so here is a look at each team, featuring their two best players, and their odds to advance to the playoffs!

Wrecking Kru– Orc team, coached by Caven08. Level 3 Stadium with Astrogranite (+1 injury on failed gfi). Team Value 1880. This team is a former champion, and runner-up from Season 5. The sting of losing the final to White Owlz is still fresh, and the Orcs are looking for something to hit! Blitzer Gutrad, a plus strength, plus agility player that is very versatile leads a talented group. His running mate, Takru, is the defensive blitzer who specializes in my-tee-blow and piling on. This is a defensive minded team, that likes to win through attrition. They have made a living on reducing their opponents numbers, and will to continue, through hard hitting and good positioning. In a play pool full of lower armor teams, there is no reason to believe that the Kru won’t advance out of this group. ODDS 3:1

Solus Savers- Norse team, coached by ChaseJJ. Level 1 stadium. Team Value 1790. The Savers are primed to make a playoff push against some low armor opponents, if they can manage to win with numbers, much like the Kru. Runner Kazuya Mishima can keep up with the elves (MV9, block, dodge) and the twin Ulfwereners (block, tackle, piling on, my-tee-blow) can cause problems for the more agile elves and skaven. They are coming off of a bowl win against Praag No. 5 team, a dwarven side, so their confidence is high. Their key games will be against the Kru and fellow Norse side Champions of Valhalla. They have the tools to advance, but will need to avoid major injuries if they are to do so. ODDS 4:1

Snitchburgh PieRats- Skaven team, coached by Whiskey_Tornado. Level 1 stadium. Team Value 1550. This team missed the playoffs by a point in the IL/DW play pool, so should make a good run in the IL/NSC play pool. They are led by Gutter Runner Stephen Pearcy (AG5, dauntless, strip ball, pass block, wrestle) and Storm Vermin Munchelstiltskin (AG4, horns, my-tee-blow, tackle). They are capable of scoring points at will, and are accustomed to playing several men down, which they will undoubtedly do most of the season. They are capable of beating anyone, as evidenced by their 2-1 season ending victory over Wrecking Kru, but will have to play smart in order to make the playoffs. They will rely heavily on inducements all season, which they make good use of, usually. Look for them to be in the race to the end. ODDS 6:1

Necro Feel Ya- Necromantic team, coached by Hezekiah87. Level 2 stadium with beer stand (+1 to injury on crowd surf). Team Value 1530. This team will undoubtedly rely heavily on their two werewolves, Logan Bluefur (+ST, claw, block, dodge) and White “Ferocious” Fang (Claw, mighty blow, block). They will hope the wolves can take the better armored Orcs off the field, and then use attrition to win games. They will have trouble keeping up with the elf teams due to the slower zombies, but should be right in the middle of the race. Inducements early in the season will be key for them. ODDS 8:1

Stop Rolling Ones- Wood Elf team, coached by ReznorRulesYou. Level 2 stadium. Team Value 1720. This Wood Elf side is capable of doing great things, if they can stay healthy. Wardancer Terry Bruise (MV9, my-tee-blow, tackle) will be a force on defense, while catcher Greased Up Deaf Guy (MV9, sprint, sure feet, Jump up) will be the offensive go-to. They will have trouble with the harder hitting Norse and Orc teams, but should be able to score against anyone. Their higher team value might be a hindrance early on, and staying healthy will be key. They should be competitive. ODDS 10:1

Thee Grandiose Gladiators- High Elf team, coached by TigerShark4NU. Level 3 stadium with Elf Turf (-1 injury on failed gfi). Team Value 1800. This team will look to pass first with thrower Nimphenien Aladanae (MV7, ST4, Nerves of Steel), and will be led defensively by blitzer Suindual Elenethir (MV8, AG5). They have struggled lately, but will be helped by being in this play pool. Fellow High Elf and Wood Elf, as well as a Skaven team, should be an opportunity to flex their offensive muscle. They will need to get off to a fast start in order to make it to the end. They will have their moments, but their high team value will mean they are giving inducements to similarly skilled teams, tipping the scales against them. Staying healthy should be their top concern. ODDS 15:1

Disco Divas- High Elf team, coached by Balwen2013. Level 1 stadium. Team Value 1560. This is a relatively young team, and is fortunate to be in the IL/NSC play pool. They are led by Catcher Wax On (AG5, sidestep, dodge, block) and blitzer Grover Strike (AG5, my-tee-blow, strip ball) and will need to use superior positioning to prevent teams from scoring on them. They can strike quickly with Wax On, and could cause problems with proper inducements. They will also need to avoid the injury bug that haunts High Elf teams, particularly against Wrecking Kru, who hates the highborn. They will be in every game, but could struggle against the better skilled teams. ODDS 20:1

Champions of Valhalla- Norse team, coached by Shadow Webster. Level 1 stadium. Team Value 1300. This team is going to face an uphill struggle, due to numbers alone. They will get plenty of inducements, which could be a game changer for them. Led by Ulfwerener Woofy (my-tee-blow, AV9) and Yehtee Snow (juggernaut, my-tee-blow), they will need to optimize scoring opportunities, and limit opponents opportunities if they are to advance. They lack the skills that their play pool mates have, so will rely heavily on positioning, inducements and good fortune. Staying healthy, something they haven’t done lately, will be key. Look for them to play spoilers late in the season. ODDS 30:1

The NSC/IL play pool features many lower armor, fast scoring teams, with the exception of Wrecking Kru. Goblin Gambling, in setting the odds, greatly favored the Orc side for this reason. Kru Coach Caven fully realizes that his lack of agility and speed could be harmful in this play pool, and will rely heavily on Takru and Morgoth to reduce opponents numbers in order to win games. If based on reputation alone, the Kru would cruise into the playoffs, but unfortunately, the games must be played and results can be surprising. Can the Kru recover from the embarrassing loss in the Final to White Owlz? Will they use that as motivation to decimate their current play pool, and look for an unprecedented third Final appearance? Tune in this week, as Season 6 gets underway! That is all for now, and as always, this is Harry Gobbo for OSPN, signing off and hoping you all find your way to the nearest MML event or broadcast!

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