Noble South Conference/Iron League Playoff Picture

We are halfway through week 6 and we already have the first team from the West to qualify for the playoffs. In honor of my magnificent achievement let’s break down the playoff chances for the rest of the west and the pillow fighters, starting with the Noble South/Iron League


In the Noble South/Iron League Playpool there is one team locked in for the season 6 playoffs and 3 teams still fighting for the second spot!  The Necro Feel-Ya currently sitting at 13 match points qualify for the season 6 MML playoffs!  They can only be caught by Coach Jhall’s Ginger Bread Boys.  Of the 3 remaining teams with a chance everyone’s favorite cookie themed team is in the drivers seat with 11 match points and 1 game remaining.  Quite the feat considering they were in the Challenge League for week  1 and have made their name in a shortened season!  Behind them we have Coach Sir-Fouls-A-Lot and his Solus Savers sitting at 9 points with one game to play. Last but not least we have coach Rez and his foul smelling wood elf team, Stop Rolling Ones!!!.  The ones have 9 match points, with one game still to play!  Let’s break down what everyone needs!



The Ginger Bread Boys


The cookie crew needs to win week 7 vs. Stop Rolling Ones.  If they do that, they are playoff bound!


A tie will put them in with a Solus Saver loss (so basically a tie will put them in) but if they tie and I get lost on the way to the stadium against the Norse (the only way they can win) we will have a coin flip scenario.


Stop Rolling Ones!!!


This one is easy. Rez must coach his team to victory in his remaining game.  Anything else means the Wood Elves won’t be smelling up the playoffs, at least not these specific elves.


Solus Savers


The Savers need some help. They can get in with a win against me and a tie between Jhall and Rez.  I can promise one of those will not happen. I have 3 Lizards from AoS that need avenged. ChaseJJ….bring a bodyguard to the stadium, you will want it.

Because Chase and Jhall didn’t play, if for some impossible reason Chase wins and Jhall ties, a coin will be flipped to determine who makes it in.




Week  7 is shaping up to have some serious ramifications for the playoff picture in this playpool! Also, I hope none of you are partial to the Norsemen, as they are all going to die.


Stay tuned as I will break down the rest of the Playpools and teams looking to compete in Season 6’s Playoffs!!!!!


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