“Not Da pointy earz!”

In the corner of the Yate Outdoors Sports Centre the small shack that doubles as both the Yate Yobz 2.3 head office and the changing rooms was bursting as the whole team squeezed inside and sat around the small Cabal Vision Box quietly waiting to hear who they would be facing in the playoffs after just all posing for a team photo. Flabhop was stood in the corner with Grubak Break’Hand and the rest of the black Orcs with whom he spent so much of his time lifting weights looking at the rest of the team. He wasn’t as concerned as the others as he didn’t really care who they played so long as he could get stuck right in the middle of the action and bash some skullz!

He thought back to last game where his desire to inflict some early damage on those tough nurgle stink bags had caused the red mist to fall and this allowed his WAAAGH! to take over and he charged in alone. This was all fine until on being wrestled to the floor he suddenly saw the bottom of a boot come smashing through the swarm of nurgle players that had surrounded him and knocked him out cold! This had resulted in him only being woken by his team mates as they celebrated after winning 2-1 and releasing they’d made the playoffs. This celebrating had in turn led to another period of time that he now struggled to remember so he was sure it had been a good time.

Now though drawn back to the shack as Gutfart lives up to his name as a almighty sound followed by a pong spreads through the room Coach south has to quieten the Yobz as the match-ups start to get called out by the smartly presented human called Preach of the MML and tonight joined by Cabal Vision’s very own blood bowl pundit Troy Elfman.

The Skaven menace that is the Ubersiek Flammers from this season are drawn against an even older enemy Los Pumas. Then he hears the Yobz called out followed by “will face, You didn’t see me here! Coached by More_Shots!”

“Not Da pointy earz!” Flabhop announces.

As much as he likes playing these spiky haired freaks as they are so satisfyingly breakable he does hate the way they keep dancing away from a good fight. He also has a unexplainable feeling about their skin tight bare chested uniforms that he started to feel as he grew into an adult orc but this he found could be shaken from thought by hour after hour in the gym. And on the upside he now has impeccable abs and a gorgeously firm bottom!

Coach south stands and announces “Right then Yobz now we know what we face let’s get training and let’s watch some tapes. I know traditionally we have struggled against these nippy agile little gits but we didn’t expect to be hear in the Pro’s and look where we are now so let’s not count ourselves out of this either!” with that the Yobz cheer and stand pumping fists in the air looking forward to hopefully getting plenty of wood elf blood on thier uniforms and Flabhop wondering how many he can personally send to see the apo?

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