Nuffle giveth and Nuffle taketh away

Hello I am Fin Edible form EDIBLE mag.

FE: Can you give me your thoughts on the game?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes I can it was a good game all around we played very well, spending the week in the film room (literally), we showed everyone that we are no pushovers.That said we made some key playing and coaching errors.NEXT!

FE: In your mind what were the errors?

Coach CHASEJJ: There were 3 that stood out to me. In the first half it was turn 6, we were in scoring position with just 2 blizzard gifts standing between gabaf, and the end zone we had a blitzer who could just walk into the end zone with the ball, in my mind he still had a gfi left to score, so I didn’t hand off and gabaf face planted in the snow. The second was after the blitz had scored their first td, we had 4 turns to score, and after picking up the ball I decided to have gabaf hand off, only for my blitzer to fail to catch the ball. The third was in my mind the cruelest trick nuffle has played on me in my coaching career, my blitzer intercepted the ball in a tackle zone with 2 turns left, we could have scored only for one of our black orcs to fail a 2 for block.NEXT!

FE: You said that the team literally spent the week in the film room did that help the team?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes it did we new what his set ups were and we were able to neutralize his two agi 5 players, we are going to hit the film room before every game for the rest of the season.

FE: Because of the rule change cans wes eats it is out of the running for the bowl game however you still have a very good chance to take second in the death valley and play the blitz for the postseason tickit why is that?

Coach CHASEJJ: There are 4 reasons, one is that the currently fourth team the loren rockets are in tatters the only have 7 players, left in 3 weeks they are the season 3 equivalent of the dark oak deerskins. The second reason is that mether is not doing well at all, not saying they can’t comeback but they have yet to score in 3 weeks. The third is up to opinion however i think it is a large factor it is that Cans wes eats it is underrated we have played very well but are still considered a low-end team, and to a extent I agree this season we are not the best team, but we still play well.The fourth is that in the death valley, only one team is above five hundred. NEXT!

FE: You play what is arguably the game that will decide how the death valley conference stands next, you play mether shock n ore in week 5 how will the team prepare in the rest of week 4?

Coach CHASEJJ: We will be giving gabaf sprinting practice and agility practice, our black orc who failed the block will take EXTREME blocking practice, and everyone on the team will take sleeping bags and spend the week watching film on mether shock n ore.

Thats all for now folks and remember #first wes kills it thens wes eats it.