“Oh for Gork’s sake!”

The sound was deafening, Grubak Break’Hand stood behind the annoying orc blitzer Flabhop who was constantly getting in the way of the black Orcs while they were lifting weights and hanging around with them, always spending far to much time showering after training and using strange products on his skin while they didn’t bother with even the basic personal hygiene. The stands were shaking with the pounding of the fans feet all around the stadium, he wondered if it might collapse? The Yobz had exceeded all their wildest dreams getting here and they were determined to enjoy this match as best they could whatever the result. Coach south had said they were on the brink of being split up but thier performance last season and now this had been enough to inspire him to find enough small sponsors to continue. The time came and as the teams started to exit the tunnel into the centre of the stadium the noise actually rose to an ever greater level! Then from the front of the Yobz line he could just about hear some shouts, then as he got closer to the exit could just make out…

“Oh for Gork’s sake!”

There already in the centre of the pitch waving his huge arms around getting the crowd into even more of a frenzy was Morg’n’Thorg!

The Yobz he could tell by their glances to each other were somewhat shaken by this. The shear size and athleticism of this veteran of the game was certainly daunting, and the experience he had made sure he was always aware of what had to be done to win the game. The addition of Morg to the already incredibly strong treeman was going to make bashing through the wood elf line even more tricky.

Then from behind this mammoth of a player steps the striking figure of Eldril Sidewinder. Another veteran of the game but at the completely other end of the muscles department than Morg! This skinny elf was dancing around performing flips and spins and Grubak noticed that Flabhop had seemed to get more excited but he hoped it was the thought of him breaking Eldril’s legs and nothing else that caused this?

And so the teams lined up facing each other to see who would win the coin toss.

The elves won and elected to kick. Coach south decided to try to show Coach More_Shots he wasn’t going to be pushed around and ordered his Yobz to line up against the treeman Morg and a tiny in comparison elf lineman. It started well with all three being put to the ground but this just made Morg mad and not long after he smashes Flabhop squarely in the chest as he’s distracted by something and Grubak could hear his ribs break! The apo rushes on and starts to get his surgical kit out with a crazy idea of opening his chest up right there on the pitch which would surely be the end of the blitzer before south himself rushes on to kick the rusty bonesaw away from his hands and gets the Yobz to carry off the disappointed doc.

The Yobz are stunned by this loss but continue to push forward down the left side of the pitch. The elves cover that side and so after Grubak and his black orc companions knock the treeman down again south shouts to swap sides and attack the right ever mindful of the two wizards in the stadium, one for each team, and the effect a fireball can have on a cage. The attack goes well and as Rokk sprints off into the endzone, the Yobz thrower recovers the ball after falling to a elf block and launches it to Rokk.

Just as the Yobz cheer the first touchdown of the game Eldril leaps in and snatches the ball from the sky then dashes off handing the ball to another player! Before the Orcs realise the ball is back in thier half and in elf hands. A last ditch attempt to stop the ball carrier by the new lineman fails and as the rest of the Yobz take out thier frustration on a poor elf caught on the floor the wood elves score and end the first half.

South tries to keep the Orcs focused on the game and now having to kick to the elves sets them up to again go face to face with Morg and the treeman. This time however Morg is positioned on the flank of the field and sets about charging into the Orcs followed by elves moving deep into the Yobz half. With normal elf agility they have the ball and it’s within touchdown range in no time. That’s it 2-0 to More_Shots and time to see what the Yobz are made off?

This time the Orcs press on with a drive down the left, elves rush to cover that side of the pitch as Grubak and the black Orcs bound forward to form a screen for Rokk and the swift blitzer Alan to move behind. With south thinking that his only chance is to score fast then try to wrestle the ball back from the elves Grubak notices him calling to thier allocated wizard. This sees a fireball fall to earth killing a poor elf lineman and knocking out another leaving a lonely elf to guard against two determined orc blitzers. Rokk runs around and shoves him out the way to allow Alan to dash and dive across the line, 2-1 but the ball once again with the elves and only a handful of time left.

As the ball is kicked off the Yate Yobz fans storm the pitch intent on showing their anger and pile on Morg’n’Thorg the treeman and some other elves stunning them. Not to be out done the elf fans retaliate and stun half the Orcs in response. Again Morg pushes down the side and again the elves follow but this time he shouts “Dis one is mine!” then as his big hands grab the ball he drops it and off it bounces. At this point the Yobz wake from their assault by the fans just as Coach More_Shots mockingly orders his wizard to drop a fireball on the Yobz emblem in the centre of thier side of the pitch. Again Morg screams for the ball to be left for him and finally Grubak watches as the veteran player again fails to pick up the ball and the game comes to an end.

And so Grubak and the rest of the Yobz wonder off back to the changing rooms and the disappointment of a game lost. Here coach south appears looking upbeat, “Don’t let that get you down Boyz, flabhop is going to miss the start of next season but we’ll be there fighting again to do one better than this season and I think we’ve shown we can mix it with the Pro’s and not make fools of ourselves!” and so Grubak is left sat thinking of how things could of been but also thinking how things are going to be next season.

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