Oh No He Didn’t! Commissioner Issues Shocking Statement


Just Score Magazine has just learned that the Commissioner of the MML has just finished holding a brief press-conference. The Commissioner, Preach, normally reserves press conferences for post game interviews when coaching the New Orcland Grunts.

This unprecedented, unannounced and unexpected move will be the first time that Preach has gathered the press as the Commissioner of the MML and not a head coach.

“Good Morning Everyone. I’ll make this brief,” stated Preach.

Pulling out a pair or reading glasses, he read the following statement.

“Effective immediately, I am announcing my candidacy for Uber Rich Guy President King of Mousillon. My constituents, the MML-SuperPac and the GPOP (Grunt Pile-On Party) feel that Mr. Drumph and his sidekick Sturmjarl have made a mockery of Mousillon. Not only is Mousillon already a great, it is exemplary in many facets. Mr. Drumph is mistaken if he thinks that Bretonia isn’t already great. In fact, the only thing that tarnishes it is Mr. Drumph himself!”

“We begin the campaign immediately. Our plan is to get some planks, build us a platform, and speechify. Our slogan: ‘A Chicken In Every Garage.’ Thank you for your support.”

Preach did not take any questions, nor was his campaign manager available for comment. It remains to be seen if there was even an election going on, but we leave these particulars to other, less hard hitting, publications.


  1. Hussah!! Its about time demagogues like Drumph took the kicking they so richly deserve…!
    Feel the Burn!!!
    With all this upheaval Mousillon looks ripe for a Waaaaarggghh! Time to get the squig wagons rolling.

  2. Fr:TheRealDrumph
    Typical undermining antics of our Commissioner. Jealous of my $$$ and popularity. YOU CAN’T TAKE MY JOB!!!
    #Building that Wall

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