Open Letter to Dignity

An open letter from the New Orcland Grunts
addressed to Dignity, and all the Dungeon West.

You highness’s, Your Beautitudes, Your Eminences and Your Elvish Lords,
Masters of the Elven world,
Rivalries you are, but brothers on the pitch,

We beseech you to hear our plea. This past week we lost the leader of our Nation, and a fell blow was struck against all Orckind by the low and underhanded tactics of a Norse team that resides in our own conference!

As you are aware, we are to face each other on the pitch this very week. As a show of mourning, the Grunts will be skipping their first turn on the pitch (regardless of the outcome of the coin toss). We humbly request that you join us in a moment of silence by passing your first turn and join us in solidarity as we mourn our lost Leeroy and stand against the less than dignified tactics of our conference mate.

Having spared no expense we have contracted with an outside vendor to produce the enclosed package of patches for your uniforms for the game. Please join us in wearing them on the pitch.

Asking for you to grace us with your dignity, integrity and understanding in our time of loss.

Signed in the hand of the Grunts head Coach,
and all the Grunt Faithful of the Nation


Enclosed LJ Patch


  1. hahahaha…classic! I hope, in the spirit of brotherhood, you also decide to draw this match in honor of Leeroy. That would be awesome. Wrecking Kru will honor Leeroy, but we will not skip a turn against the Norsemen. We are going at them for 16 full turns….

  2. Dear Kru, please join your orcish brethren by wearing the LJ patch for your game. We will send you package for your entire team and coaching staff.

  3. Leeroy died? …Im not following the stories enough. Now I’m sad. ANd Physique is sad. And Royalty is sad.

  4. we will wear the patches on our gauntlets…and every time we hit a norseman, the last thing they will see is the Leeroy patch!!

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