Open Letter to Gaesmal from MarSHEEP Faulk

Dear Gaesmal,

People tend to fear and blame that which they do not understand. I much like you I have recently retired. I was the only player on my team to grow an extra arm and it got many strange looks and offhand comments. (Sorry about the pun)
My skills helped me contribute for 3 glorious seasons in the MML. After I left my team fell on rough times. Much like yours has. No player or coach can match your passion and enthusiasm. On and off the field you are a strong presence and I feel that makes you misunderstood. That opens you up to blame and attacks from outside and inside the team.
I have not taken up the pro coaching assistant path like you have. I instead did some minor league coaching for my kids teams. I don’t have plans to go any higher than that. The game is simpler at the low levels. I enjoy watching the little ones throw blocks and fail leaps. It’s fun and innocent. They aren’t strong enough to do any real damage yet. Maybe someone gets a cut or some hurt feelings… but, everyone walks away happy.
I will be attending tonight’s game. My last pro game was a fun bowl meeting with The Blitzkriegers and Bill COWher has invited me to view the game in a luxury box he has rented in your stadium. I would like to invite you to join me as my guest. Perhaps taking a step back from the field and seeing the game not as a player or as a coach … but, as a fan will help you get a better perspective on this season. I know that it has been tough on you. But, if you could sit with the fans that love you. You may see what makes your team so special.
You brother in arms,
MarSHEEP Faulk


  1. That is amazing! As the president of the Gaesmal fan club I am feeling a bit jealous, but happy that Gaesmal is getting the recognition he deserves!

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