Open Letter to the MML from More_Shots

Dear fellow coaches, teams and fans,

At the end of this season the Bill COWher Power Hour will retire and go to the Trophy Case.

Over the past seasons I’ve had the privilege to coach the Power Hour in both good times and bad times. I have been given the freedom to express myself thru stories and pictures on the MML site. I’ve been given the opportunity to play against so many wonderful people and teams. I would like to thank everyone that I’ve played against. I would like to thank everyone that supported the team over the seasons. I hope that I have been able to bring you some level of entertainment over this time. I’ve always been humbled by the support you have shown and you have truly made this time special for me. I have immensely enjoyed this time that I have spent coaching my team and will enjoy this season with them. What the future holds we will see.

Thanks you all again,



  1. Ave Centurion!!! Your boys have given me much joy over the years. Playing them with the Titans, the mic that was left on, the logo fireball…
    The stories, Orcatraz, Don Jamaica, the murder of Big Mo and subsequent appropriation!!!
    However I shall remember The Power Hour for the unnecessary leaps, the spirit shown when taking the foot off the gas… The unstinting sportsmanship.

    The Titans and the Widowmakers salute thee.

    Naysayers be damned for not seeing the whole picture.

  2. Where is this trophy case that you speak of? I want to view it, and if the Power Hour is in it, I want to view it often.

  3. The end of an era. 😭hope you have success with whatever you play and that you still have the love of the game. BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRUUUUUTTTTTAAAAA

  4. So sad to see the end of an era, indeed.. Another great franchise team bows out… Hopefully won’t be the last we see of them, though. 😉

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