Operation Broken Pelvis Debrief

The long bus drive back from The Rainbow Glade was a quiet affair. The Thugz had just suffered a 3-0 drubbing at the hands of the Leaf Dancers. Not a word was said amongst the players till they got back to the Black Stronghold. Hairy Warthog assembled his squad in the locker room before calling it a day.



HW . Well, that didn’t go according to plan did it? In the first half we tried to play some blood bowl! Run the ball about abit, didn’t really work out for us did it? The elves capitalised on us quite quickly and won back possession. I did warn you about their elvish ways. I can’t put all the blame on you guys, I shed out alot of money for Morg N Thorg to turn out for us, it was a disappointing display from him, I had hoped he would take a few elves out of the game. Makes me wish I’d taken Blackhoof up on his offer to play for us, will know better next time.

On the plus side, you did take note on what we spoke about before, give the elves pain! Well done to Craly Mantle, some great blitzing skills there, keep it up you took one of their key players out the game. Basebull, good work on taking that wardancers out of the game but we really need to work on strengthening those tentacles of yours, you hardly held anyone in place, the same goes to you too Frizny with that tail of yours. Work on it!! The Dal’Shin brothers again some great aggressive play from you both, it’s just a shame the apo brought that stinking elf back to the land of the living but excellent work on smashing that pointed eared freaks hip. I think we might have ended his career.

So, 3-0 down against a wood elf team isn’t bad I suppose, but next time I expect more deaths and injuries. Go get some rest, tomorrow we hit the weights and tackle bags, next week we play the Flat Earth Angels, it isn’t going to be pretty, I anticipate a high casualty rate, I’m just not sure on which team !!!



  1. New crop of CWs is looking good. I think I might have found a way around the no reroll issue. I have a specialist “leader” CW that is showing some promise in the challenge league.

  2. Eeewww.. Not sure I would want to experience a Chaos Warrior farm… Dread to think what goes on there….

    As for the story itself, great work again, Hairy. I love the attitude. (And agree entirely.) If you lose to elves, it is ok as long as you kick some of the pointies in the process. 🙂

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