Operation Broken Pelvis.



Hairy Warthog has gathered his flea bitten team in the locker room of the Black Stronghold.

HW. OK team, we know who our opponents are tonight and we have seen what they are capable of, our comrades the Flat Earth Angels suffered defeat at their hands and surprisingly suffered a couple of injuries. Do not underestimate them. They may be puny, dirty, stinking elves but they quick, clever and have a good coach in Ponghines calling the shots.

If we give them the slightest gap in our defence they will be through and will prance all around our endzone. They’re faster than us, handle the ball better than us, they’re more skilled than us and they look better than us. So, we may be the joke team of the MML, the laughing stock. But what do we have? What are our strengths? The team all looked at Basebull Fury who had somehow got his own tentacles in a knot and tripped himself up resulting in him nearly crushing Reapwarp Day’Shin who managed to dive out of the way.

HW. Yes, we all know he is as strong as they come, but unfortunately he isn’t reliable! I’ve still not managed to tame him! You try standing in a cage with him with nothing but a whip and a death wish whilst wearing a top hat and tights!!

Brutesinew Dal’Shin who is the brother of Reapwarp spoke up, ” it’s about time you hired another guy to help us out, there is only us three, the bull and the goats, we have an open slot”!

HW. I am aware being short a Chaos Warrior is a weakness, but I have it on good authority from Coach More Shots that he has somebody lined up for us. I am thinking of more of a quick fix for tonight’s match up, I’ve made some arrangements and all will be revealed come kick off team.

So, I want you all to focus on tonight’s game. I am calling this, OPERATION BROKEN PELVIS. I want you to hit them hard. Punch them, bite them, kick them, head butt them into the ground, and once they’re on the ground?? Well, you know what to do, the player who brings my the entrails of a wardancer tonight will get a night out with the Thugettes, all expenses paid. Now get on that bus and sharpen those horns and hooves up!!!

The team all piled on the National Thugzpress which was parked up outside and ready to take them to The Rainbow Glade, home of the Leaf Dancers. Hairy Warthog was last to board, he sat down, opened his first can of bloodweiser and sat back to relax.



  1. I love the Thugz. Now I have heard your beautiful dulcet tones, Hairy, on commentary I am imagining these conversations, between yourself and the players, in thick Yorkshire accents. Priceless! 🙂

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