Orcatraz: Aftermath

To Whom it May Concern, After the game they tossed me in solitary for 3 more days.. They said it was for things to ”cool down.” Apparently, during the game there had been a riot at Orcatraz. The prisoners and guard where whipped into a frenzy and violence flooded the island. Several guards had been injured and 4 inmates killed. Broken windows and damaged wall still served as reminders of the game. But, the stadium where it was played was burnt level with the ground. A new one will have to be constructed before the league will give the Power Hour another home game. By the grace of god they had been able to get the beer cart out before the entire structure was consumed by fire. The 4-0 loss on the scoreboard was snuffled out by fire and was now in the past. But, the 2 lifeless bodies of the dead players was something I had to leave behind with the team. We had never had to deal with death before and I honestly didn’t know what to do. So, I left it to the team to decide what they would want if it was them. I’m sure they will do right by them. It was tough for me. Both players had been there from the start. Jameson showed potential to make a big step forward by the end of this season. StrayRAM was looking forward to a possible retirement. He had started on the front lines for several seasons and was looking forward to the easy life. Back in my top tier cell I stare out across the stacks thinking about Morg’lils warning before the game. “Death find ya.” I foolishly thought he was talking about me. I selfishly never thought about my player who danced so close to death on a weekly basis. Has death had its fill or is this going to be an ongoing feast? I hope it’s over but fear it may be the later.


  1. Its hard to say goodbye to our beloved players. …darn you orc coaches! Just leave us alone.

  2. I have to say I was kind of glad that things turned out for the Seers to be next team to face the Power Hour after this. I think the Titans did us a favour, because had the Power Hour been at full strength I think death would have found us…. I still, still, still want a campaign to, “Free Don Jamaica!”

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