Orcatraz Transfer: 0071917

October 1st 2016 Prison Transfer Schedule
Inmate #: 0071917
A.K.A. Don Jamaica (More_Shots)
Reason: Inmate Coaching in Power Hour vs Titans Game

9:00 EDT: Inmate to be removed from solitary
9:15 EDT: Inmate will be taken to the yard and hosed down
9:30 EDT: Inmate to be dressed in prison oranges (Needed for High Visibility in Public Places)
10:00 EDT: Inmate to be loaded up and transferred to The Slaughter House for The Power Hour Home Game
10:45 EDT: Inmate to be placed on the home sideline with ankle chains connecting him to a large rock.
11:00 EDT: Black Orc guards will monitar the inmate during the game to insure of no foul play or escape
Completion of Game: The Inmate will immediately be returned Orcatraz and placed back in solitary.



  1. I’m still wondering if the Power Hour threw the game to keep their coach alive in Orcatraz…

  2. Poor Don Jamaica. ….but I think he is corrupting the whole prison, bringing everyone under the sway of Chaos.

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