Orcville Hammers want to represent the MML

Orcville Hammers


Pixie Throatpuke – Troll

Isogel Slobber – Blitzer

Marble Pineripper – Blitzer

Foggy Harbor Sunk – Blitzer

Argos Lilbrain – Blitzer

Preach Bruis’Cranium – Black Orc

JimSardonic Bruis’Skullz -Black Orc

Wolframajax BreakYaFace – Black Orc

Rand Eat’Spleen – Black Orc

Rez – Lineman

Merrick Onedie – Lineman


Mead & Mayhem League


The Hammers are a new team that wish to join the Mead & Mayhem League, orcs from Orville.  The select few of the Clan of Hammers enjoy the sport of Blood Bowl. Though they are not sure how they came upon their favorite “ball”, it is the head of a former referee, a goblin referee to be specific.  Their disgust of the elves and skaven are very prevalent during matches, the things they do to the elves and skaven are not family friendly.  These Orcs want to show the world how good and friendly the MML is.  They are afraid them skinny elves might try to represent, or them bloody rats … that can not happen, no sir.

Pixie, the ugliest er prettiest Troll there ever was.  She once ate our pet goblin, so we can’t play with him anymore.  Isogel, our resident lazy block blitzer. He once rode a dwarven deathroller.  He often sticks his foot out to trip up them fast movers.  Marble, she has this thing for that lads head.  She is always carrying it around.  When she scores a touchdown, still not sure why they call it a touchdown, all the orc cheerleaders go and crowd around her and lick the “ball”.  Strange females, very strange.  Argos, well this one, he has a short temper.  He loves to clobber the opponent with that mighty blow of his.  He is also taking lessons to “pile on”, which I think is just sitting on the opponents head, I think.  Foggy is a lad that seems to do everything in pairs.  He never seems to stay with that same guarded partner, but he is always near another orc.  I know he like females, but he sure does like to be near his male teammates as well.  Preach is one of the biggest SOB’s … er wait that is not right, he is a BOB.  Why did I call him a SOB?  Oh well, next.  JimSardonic is another BOB that is taking lessons in the elf dodge.  He says them skinny things are pretty.  Remind me to hit him up side the head to recalibrate him will ya.  Wolframajax is another BOB, plain, big, just stands there.  Never really does anything, just stands there.  Rand has the biggest mouth I have ever seen.  He can eat a pig whole I tell you.  Rez can sure take a punch.  He stands on that line of scrimmage and just yells at the opponent “bring it, you can’t hurt me, is that all you got”.  And Merrick … well what can you say … he likes to play dice, he rolls ones ALL the time I tell you.


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