Order of the Holy Squirrel – The Ecstasy of Gold

Order of the Holy Squirrel

The ecstasy of Gold 

Can you feel it ?………..

That tingling in your arms?………

That chill running down your spine?…………

That craving for something that borders on the obsessive?……..

That’s the ecstasy of gold my brothers.



Finally after 5 seasons in the pro’s , the Order of the Holy Squirrel have done it.

The  fans in the Andydome, home of the Squirrels erupted . A season where doubt had been cast against them had stirred a  fire in the Squirrel’s bellies and had entered the season all guns blazing .

A first round draw with the Yate Yobz gave them a decent start but then with victories over Lord of the Skinks , Dino Rock and the Pumpkins Kings had propelled them to top position in the conference. A slight hic up losing to the current MML champions the Ubersreik Flamers had caused them to panic , then a draw against newly promoted Tuesday the 17th meant a final round victory vs the Squirrels long time rivals All Wight on the Night.

The derby match of Squirrel vs Undead was once again another Blood Bowl classic ( if I do say so myself) and victory was the Squirrels . Their Playoff place assured . The Squirrels were on a quest for Glory !


Victory ……Victory …….Victory    came the chant from the thousands of Squirrels fans mobbing the pitch. They crowded round the players holding them aloft like champions of old.

Sir Andy Von Cook stood tall and proud as he was held up by his people , his arms stretched high for all to heed him, his voice clear and strong.

“People of Parravon , My Holy Squirrels, Victory is OURS !”

Another great cheer tore the air .

” The quest we began so long ago is at finally at hand , the MML Championship is within our grasp and I swear by my honour and in the Holy Squirrel we shall not fail in our pursuit of Glory .  HUZZAH !! ”

HUZZAH !!!  came the mighty reply , and the people of Parravon celebrated like never before.

Sir Andy made his way through the dancing mob to the edge of the stands where he was greeted with a rather peculiar sight.  Standing tall with arms crossed over his slab chest , face like an partially grumpy gargoyle was a Black Orc.

” May I assist thee ?” quizzed the Squirrels coach

” Yeh youz can lord snooty pantz” came the shrill reply , the Black Orc not breaking eye contact motioned Sir Andy to look down.  There stood in a suit that as a little too big for him was a tiny Goblin. An MML official badge sewn onto the jacket .

on behaff ov commissiona Preach, da MML congratulatez youz on qualifyin’ for da Pro playoffz and youz presantz iz requested at MML HQ for da play off announcmentz along wiff da otha’ coachez . ” the tiny messenger holds up a gilded envelope with Sir Andy’s name upon it which he gladly takes.

Catch youz lata Squirrel boy ” laughs the little green git as he clambers up his hulking assistant and sits on his shoulder. ” Right Krump get moving ya zoggin’ nutta’!”  he orders.  Krump showing no emotion save for a single grunt slowly stomps his way to the exit .

Sir Andy turns the invitation over in his hands as his assistant Pinky approaches ” wat do you wish me lord ? ”


” Saddle up the Pegasus’ and pack my best undies Pinky.” Orders his master , an excited look upon his face………..” We’re going  to a party.

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