Osiris Spotted Skulking Around The Farm

Not much is known about the mysterious Kroxigor by the name of Osiris other that he’s quite large, menacing, and he has some connection to Mauz. Under the cover of darkness a strange bus arrived on the property of The Farm and was quickly let through the large iron gates of the stone wall surrounding the complex.  A goblin paparazzi quickly scaled the walls and took post to get more information on the first team to arrive to the newly built MML facility.

As dawn broke, the lizards made their way from the dormitories to the their team pitch and began a strange team ritual of sorts involving singing and dancing.  After the ritual the lizards proceeded to  lay on the pitch and bask in the warm rays of the sun. Around 3 hours passed and it was nearly noon at this point as the Lizardmen awoke from their slumber. As the team began to stretch for practice a shady fellow in a trench coat made his way to the sidelines and began talking with the players. Speculation points to it being Johnny Malice on the lamb with Mauz gold funding this new squad (Only because of his prior connections with Osiris.)  If this fellow is a coach he’s not very hands on as Osiris seems to be the one in charge of this this new squad.

Unfortunately just as team drills were about to begin, an orc patrolling the fortress walls discovered our goblin and he was quickly escorted off the premises via troll. As always this has been Mauz Tribune keeping you up to date on the latest news, both Mauz and around the league!