Play Your Damn Charity Tournament Games Because Coach Bort Need New Job

From the desk of Coach Bort:

Hello fellow coaching weasels,

Coach Bort tired of coaching Pork Attack. Orcs slow and stinky. Coach Bort crave opportunity to deploy lightning-fast offensive strategic mind.

Therefore Coach Bort implore all of you, play your damn charity tournament games! Coach Bort involved in all 3 underway. Season 4 registration approach fast. Coach Bort must declare allegiance.

We have New York Pricks in Humanitarian thingy, Fend Game in Bretonnian johnson, and Polar Power in Ragged Rock. Coach Bort happy to take any one of these squads into season 4 at pro tv cap and mess all you up. For those of you competitive types, please play and try to spoil Coach Bort’s day. But the point is: PLAY!!!

Hope ruin all you on pitch soon.


Bortholomew P. Often