Post Game Interview With The Cold Hard Truth 3-2

Sestonn arrived at the press conference in a much better mood this week, shrugging off the bellow of “Boo!” coming from the disheartened Truth fans, many calling for his assassination.  [Two weeks of fan factor down] Amidst the tide of dissatisfaction, we were able to ask him a few questions.

Q: Coach Sestonn, how do you feel after today’s performance?

A:  I feel good about it.  There were no tactical mistakes.  In fact, just about everything I attempted worked out beautifully, until it came time for the skinks to handle the ball.

Q:  It is now two weeks into Season 3, and The Cold Hard Truth is only showing 1 point in the rankings.  Do you believe the Truth can somehow make it to the Championships again?

A:  Not if I can’t get the skinks to handle the ball.  I don’t know what went wrong.  Something must have happened during the off season that I am not aware of.  It seems every veteran skink is afraid of the ball now.  All I have to do is draw a picture of a Blood Bowl ball and they run away screaming.

Q: You said that you are happy with the Truth’s performance today?  Even though you only managed a tie with New Orcland Grunts?

A:  First I want to say that Coach PreachMJ is a fantastic orc coach, and under his leadership the Grunts have developed a powerful defense.  It took nearly the entire second half to get the ball from them.  Very, very tough.  And second, I said I was happy with my tactical performance.  I am not happy with the team’s performance.  The saurus and Kro’lotha did a fantastic job engaging with the orcs.  They opened holes.  They protected their skinks.  Just a fantastic job on their part.  But the skinks…  Just ridiculous.

Q: Oh, I see.  How do you intend to help the Truth’s skinks find the way back to their previous glory?

A: They are going to spend the next week running ball drills.  The three catchers will run catch drills, the others will run pick-up drills.  Other than that, I really have no idea.  I am going to be meeting with a few other legendary lizardman coaches to seek their advice.

Q:  Speaking of skinks, Coalt of Zlatlan reached level 4 after being awarded MVP during this match.  (Coach Sestonn mumbles something under his breath.)  Many lizardman coaches cut skinks from the team once they reach that level of experience, claiming that they are no longer worth their value.  Do you plan to do the same?

A:  Not at this time.  Coalt, with sprint, sure feet, and catch is an important part of our team and our misdirection tactics.  That said, if he can’t manage to catch the ( bleep bleeping) ball in the next game, he can go back to living in the (bleep bleep) swamp.  …But I still have some hope that I might be able to sort through this mess.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say to the Truth’s fans?

A:  Hang in there.  I showed you today that I am still the same coach you came to love in season 2. Once I get the skinks sorted out, you will see us returning to victory after victory.  Have faith.  Have Truth.