Praag Comeback

Hello, let me introduce a small group of dwarves, that needed some time to rest and to collect new strenght for their next matches. These few little guys met once together in a nice smoke filled pub under their born hill Strahov and thought it would be a good idea to establish a team for Bloodbowl. Because all of them worked for some kind of security company with a seat in a city called Praag in a quarter no. 5, they called their team simply “Praag no5 team.”

They tried to play few friendly matches in the Farm and after that they joined for the first time, a true league; the Challenge league in Season 3. After three matches they were contacted to join the Pro league. It was incredible. Rocket start of a team. Their career continued during next two seasons in Pro and two seasons in Challenge league fullfiled their enjoyment from victories and mourning for dead friends. Most famous was named Bernie, he was a true killer. But he wasn´t the only one. David, Renda, Michal, Zdenda, Ondrej and the other good guys have left us alone on the pitch and it caused us to have to replace them. But no reliable ones were found. We had to initiate some outlaws like Hrebik or Mackie, that is not their real names, but who cares? Hope all of us enjoy the return of old guys Martin, Tom, Tonda, Karel and Stanley whose have played more than 40 matches together. See you on a pitch.

Published by Josiah_Frost on behalf of Coach Qwert.

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