Pre Season Apocalypse

The press conference was dragging on, empty words from delusional minds. These secret or exclusive clubs always amused Wyatt. We play the greatest game in history in the greatest league of all time and they still think they can somehow elevate themselves above the spectacle of the sport. Empty threats not withstanding there was nothing worth his time, Wyatt switched off the transmission and the voices of the four horsemen faded out.
“You won’t finish the broadcast?” Asked Bossk, reclining on a crushed sofa built for humans in the InGen Site B recreation lounge.
“No, no nope not worth my time,” responded Wyatt. “I have too much work to do preparing the team.”
Bossk: “Coach Thunden threatens your life.”
Wyatt:”You mean coach ‘Death’? His Weeping Widow Makers are a good side I’ll grant him that, but this horsemen stuff is just talk, all talk. We will deal with this on the pitch and I have full confidence in you and the team Bossk. Besides, when I travel I have the team around me, when we train I am here. How’s he gunna reach me?”
Bossk:”They all give me the creeps, Death, Famine, Plague, Pestilence…. I say we bribe the refs and smash their rotten skulls.”
“We will play fair, and we will play smart Bossk. Remember the plays and you won’t have to worry. Don’t let them get under your scales! I’m going to run through our plan again stop lounging around and come with me back to the field.” Wyatt led Bossk out of the lounge, through the tunnel and out to the pitch leaving behind the comfortable recliners and pool tables. As they exited the tunnel and the blazing sun caused Wyatt to squint…

Something happened…

Wyatt was five years old and giddy with excitement. Running from one side of the train to the next. “Where are the stegosaurus!?” He exclaimed looking out the window at a gorgeous landscape of green fields and lush trees. “They are out there keep looking!” his father reassured him. An announcement began to blare over the tannoy, “This is the InGen service to Jurassic Worlds premium suites, please help yourself to the food court and are you ok Wyatt? Wyatt are you ok?” Different voice:”He’s coming around where’s the rest of the team!? Get the Apothecary!” The train fell away around Wyatt like cascading water, a brilliant light filled his vision before diluting into blurry shapes and forms. Wyatt’s face was numb, one side planted into dirt.

Dino Chicken was over him screaming instructions in Lizard speak as the InGen staff rushed into action after a massive explosion had ripped through their training compound. A full quarter of the stadium was practically incinerated, how many lives were lost Wyatt couldn’t imagine, likely dozens. He struggled to sit up, he was near the centre of the field and imagined he must have been thrown by the force of the explosion. His memory was shot, he had no recollection of the day before this moment, likely the result of a mild concussion. Sirens were blaring loudly all around and one was getting closer quickly, an ambulance heading to pick him up. He grabbed Dino Chickens arm and pulled him close, “The team!? Do we still have the team!!!?” DC:”The team will be fine, Bossk is shaken but uninjured, it appears you were the target. Go in the ambulance, I will follow as soon as I can.”

He felt himself scooped up into the van, as it pulled away shelves of medicine rattled and bounced whilst it rushed across the field and onto the coastal road. The medic stooped over him and Wyatt felt physically sick at the putrid smell of the man. His vision slowly clearing he began to notice a green slime dripping onto his chest and running down the medics neck from behind is medical mask. The feeling in his body still returning Wyatt tried to get up only to be pushed down by the medics hand on his chest. Wyatt looked down at the hand, it’s rotten flesh was peeling from the bone and one finger was missing entirely. “Gorram Rotter!” Yelled Wyatt as he struggled to get the rotters restraining hand off him. Just then the ‘ambulance’ screeched to a halt amid sounds a hissing and barking followed by tearing flesh. The back doors of the van flew open and Dino Chicken leapt in, “Boss it’s trap they’re trying to take you!” Dino Chicken flew at the Rotter and knocked it against the cab. Wyatt scrambled out onto the road as the rotter stumbled out after him holding a flailing Dino Chicken by the neck with one hand whilst he shredded up its arm in a flurry of claw and tail.

Suddenly all that remained of the rotter was the arm holding Dino Chicken as T-Rex tail came down hard and completely flattened the disgusting sub human. Dino Chicken threw the arm off and yelled something at T-Rex loosely translated as “I had it under control!” Phelsuma approached the still stunned Wyatt. “It’s time to go boss, the InGen
Clade Masters know a safe place, but we must hurry.”

They travelled for several days into the dense jungle, and it began to occur to Wyatt just how real the four horsemen threat really was… As the dense foliage gave way to massive clearing Wyatt noticed it was marked by massive and ancient stone statues around 30m high, all variations of Saurus, Kroxigor and Skink. At the centre of the clearing were five Lizardmen who had come to meet with them. As Wyatt and InGen Apocalypse approached they spoke…

“We represent the other five columns of The Secret Order of the Lizardmen. Dino Rock, Slaan Seers, Lord of the Skinks, Black Marsh Monitors and Aztec Gold. You will train here in secret under our protection. The horsemen must be defeated, we will show you how.”

“Ah great”, thought Wyatt “Not another club..”


  1. How wonderfully flattering the Lizardmen are copying us!!! Let it not be said that they want for originality!!!!

    (great story bro!!!!)

  2. #4Horsemen leading the way for everyone else to copy us! PS if we wanted you gone, you’d be gone 😂

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