Preach: “I see great things that can happen for the Grunts.”

GRUNT NATION – Preach has lost about all there is to lose in the 2 seasons coaching the Grunts.

He’s on the hook for the longest losing streak in New Orcland professional sports.

He has lost an up and coming rookie of the year thrower, a troll and even a shot a winning the Dungeon West Conference.

What Preach never lost, even during one of the worst seasons of blood bowl in Grunt history, was his faith that the franchise could become a winner on his watch.

Impressed by Preach’s patience, leadership and resiliency, the Grunts will give Preach more time to make that happen. With his original two-year deal set to expire after this season, the Grunts rewarded Preach on Wednesday with a multiyear contract extension.

“I see great things that can happen,” Preach said. “I do believe, when you ask me if we’ll be here in two seasons, if the program will be winning, yes I do.”

Preach said he always wanted to stay in New Orcland, even as the franchise was gutted in favor of Farm-League castoffs and 1-game contract players for a shot at building a winner.

“Why wouldn’t I want to see this through,” Preach said. “We have started something extremely difficult but is going to end up extremely special.”

Preach has two losing streaks of at least 4 games on his resume. He and the Grunts went 4-6-1 in the past two seasons.

The front office has wavered back and forth on Preach’s fate, but this move instills they have the right coach for a franchise that looks to take the conference in the next few seasons.

“I hope this sends a message that we mean what we say,” team president said. “Our ownership means what we say about trying to build something really special for the city of New Orcland.”

Preach said he not only loves the franchise’s future, he’s hooked on the city.

“I love the city of New Orcland. It’s real,” he said. “It’s difficult, at times, going through what we all go through. I like raising my family here. I like my son, my little 12-year-old son, being on the streets of New Orcland playing playground blood bowl, my kids going through the Lower Dregs school district.”

Preach also coached the Death Valley goblin’s national team and played a key role in helping them develop a pair of allstars.

The Grunts set the overall record for consecutive losses with 4.

“You do get worn down,” Preach said. “I mean, how can you not?”

Preach will have to take more lumps before the franchise can become a winner again. There’s a hope that Grimk, Taklor, Grazog, and Azhag Smash’Eyez will blossom into All-Stars and at least one, maybe two, will become franchise-type players.

“He good ,” Grimk said. “He keeps orcs together, and we like him. Coach do much for us. I think he a great coach, and going to make us better and gooder.”

Thrall and Garosh Hellscream, both top Farm picks, have yet to play for the Grunts.

“I see daylight with Farm picks and Thrall and Hellscream,” Preach said.

“I think as time has unfolded, we’ve appreciated really how hard it is, but how exciting it is,” Preach said.

The Grunts, could start pursuing free agents this season, and more veterans could be in the mix. Eventually, the clock will start ticking the expectation of a playoff berth.

“Our win-loss record doesn’t reflect if we’re doing our job or not,” Preach said.

It will soon enough. And Preach will be on the bench to see the process through.