Prediction Game – Playoff Spots


Good evening, coaches of the MML!

For the first time, we have a little prediction game for the current season. Unfortunately only seven coaches have sent in their prediction, but that makes it easy to see season 7 as a test for future seasons. Of course, due to late ticket acceptence the time window of knowing all the teams for sure was rather short, but maybe we can do a little better next seasonn. Over the season I will post some updates or fun stats from the collected data and of course will announce the final standings.

We’re going to start it off with playoff predictions. So which teams from which playpools will make plaoffs this season, according to our coaches.

DVC/WAC: Walking Dead Reanimated (6) and Bill Cower Power Hour (5) are our coaches favorites. The masters of bash are expected to beat down any opposition and smash their way into the Playoffs. The Blitzkriegers (2) and Death Night Stalkes (1) could upset them if they managed to run away. Looks like our guys are pretty sure about how this is going to turn out.

F4/IL: As the current champion, most of our coaches expect the Princes of Arioch to have another shot for the title (5), followed by either last season’s quarter finalists Hopeless Necromantics (4) or Season 3 Champions, the Wrecking Kru (3). As in our first playpool, not a lot of confidence in our agility-based teams here. Repulsive Ratlings (1) and Stop Rolling Ones (1) could make it if they stay alive. We will see if it comes down to a battle of the top three or if the dodgers can cause an upset there.

NSC/DWC: More trust in bash over here. Almost all of our coaches think that Necro Feel-Ya! (6) will make to the playoffs again after finishing in the semis last season. Surpisingly the Karag Dron Krushers (4) ended up to be our coaches no. 2 pick in their first pro-season. Looks like our coaches watched some CL-action, where the Krushers managed to take the trophy home in seasons 4 and 6. Also quite surprising the New Orcland Grunts (3) seem to have chances to make it to the playoffs for the first time after acquiring Gorbag. One of our coaches is also convinced that the USA Ballstars will make it after winning the CL’s regular season.

WFC/SCC: According to our coaches, this will be a tough one. The White Owlz (4) end up just ahead of Harrelsons (3) fowllowed by the Slaan Seers (2), Rodentia ad Nauseam (2) and Witches Coven (2). Season 4 champions Los Pumas will make a strong comeback according to one of our coaches. Interesting that in this playpool there is a lot more confidence in our runners and throwers than in our other pools. Lools like it is going to come down to week 7 over here.

So, this was the first round of our prediction game updates. Stay tuned for more. If you like the idea, follow announcements on discord to participate in season 8!

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  1. Thunden would be mortified if everyone picked him to make the playoffs. I embrace it! Thanks to the MML coaches who recognize my potential. Im really not that good of a coach, just got a luck werewolf! lol

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