It was early in the morning, when Paleidokos was woken up from a mounted messenger. He had an urgent message from the MML League commissioner that his team was successfully listed. The new season would begin soon and he was relieved and tense in the same moment. His hands begun to sweat from excitement.

He made already a journey with Lizardmen. He thought back often and smiled, remembering the good times he had with the Firesalamanders. But it were also sad times and every Player who was killed on the field had a photo in the clubhouse. This clubhouse was now the new home of the Rocking Rhinos.The old days were honored, but everybody looked confident into the new future.

The Rocking Rhinos rocked after they received the notification in the changing room that they would play in a real league in one of the best competitions on the planet. The Rocking Rhinos played a lot small games in a semi-pro environment, called “Sevens-Blood Bowl” and they had some bigger games to get some experience. What was coming now was a complete different story though. Everybody was excited, but no one really knew what kind of storm would fall on them. The only exception was of course Paleidokos.
A normal training day wasn’t possible any more. All the players celebrated wildly and exuberantly. It was a crazy day. As if out of nowhere there was suddenly a grill and a smoker on the sidelines and some Players brought all the beverages they could find. He even smelled strange tobacco or other herbs and the “the Rhinos are rocking”, the music band which supported the Team, came by spontaneously to celebrate and held a small concert in the middle of the field.
It was already in the morning of the other day when he came back. He was tired and worn out from the hard partying, but although happy. He felt in his bed and slept long. Sleeping long was something he won’t be able to do in the next weeks.
The other week it was time to focus on the coming challenge. He redefined the Playbook and send out members of his coaching staff to get information about the other teams. He knew, proper preparation was very important and it could be the difference if you win the game… or loose it.
The playpool his team was assigned to was a colourful mix of all the different teams the Blood Bowl world had to offer. So it won’t get boring, that was sure. But it meant also a lot of work for him, as every opponent and every race needed a different type of game plan. Hard training and good preparation, he was confident that most of the time the Players would even stick to it.
He couldn’t wait to be on the sidelines again. Again to hear the screams and roar of his Saurus running across the field, or the cracking of bones as the Krox stomps over a poor enemy player who was in the way. He couldn’t was to see the small but agile skinks zip through the enemy lines getting the ball into the Endzone. He nipped on his coffee as he made some notes as his good friend and assistant coach, Uwe or „the Superskink“ (that was his name as a player from the Firesalamanders), came into his office. He was still limping. He got injured on the last devastating game of the Firesalamanders which set an ending point to the career of most of the players. It ended his career as a player, unfortunately too early. But his career as an assistant coach just began. And he was happy to have Uwe by his side.

Uwe had some game reports of the coming teams. New, interesting material to look at and analyze. A long evening and a short night awaited him.

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