Preparing for the Shadow…

Coach Thunden surveyed the scouting report… he tossed it aside with barely a glance. What could his scouting network tell him that he didn’t already know about Coach Doneagle and his Midnight Howlers.

They’d played once this season already in the league, and that had ended in a convincing 2-0 win for the Widowmakers… Yet here he was again… Doneagle… the shadow. Try as Thunden might, he hadn’t been able to shake the tenacious former Lizard coach. When Coach Thunden decided to quit the pros and his much loved Titans, not only did Coach Doneagle part company with the little known Leaping Lizards… but he moved to the same conference as the Widowmakers!

There had been other occurrences too… late night carrier pidgeons with no name on them, courier packages sent from mystery addresses but smelling of waffles and fruity beer.

What was Coach Doneagle trying to do?!?!? Thunden got up from his desk and surveyed the Brixton Academy training ground. All was under way, the usual preparations for playoffs that he had used for the Titans had been binned for a new approach for the Widowmakers. So far it was paying dividends as he had won his first MML playoff game, turning the screw on the somewhat better known, SkuttleButts.

Now though his mind was focussed on his frequent foe…

Coach Doneagle again in his crosshairs. They had crossed swords many times, the record fairly even but edging in Thundens favour, however rather unusually… Coach Thunden had a bad feeling about this game…

Coach Doneagle had the numbers this time, the Widowmakers again losing the services of a rotter prior to a big game. The Howlers had all their team available and were primed for revenge on the conference winning Nurgle team. Coach Thunden did the only thing he could think of.

As he paced up the stairs to the palisades of Brixton Academy, he lit his tinderbox… by the time he got to the roof, he had a fair flame going. He strode purposefully to a contraption aimed at the sky, opened a hatch and lit the kindling within. The magnesium flare burned with witchcraft and a pure pulsing light shot out into the heavens daubing the mottled clouds with a symbol.

“To me my brothers!!!!”


  1. Last time I heard you saying you had a bad feeling about a game, you won it in a quite spectacular way dear Thunden… What about this time? 🙂

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