PRO – S7 Week 4 overview

Goblin Gambling presents you an overview of state of the game in the MML, to help all your gambling wants and needs! We hope this will allow you to make some educated guesses on how to spend your money wisely. And boys and girls, your money are not wisely spent if it’s not with Goblin Gambling!

Death Valley/Wasteland Athletic

While last week every team was within 1 win from the top of playpool, this week saw table splitting into two halfs. Bill Cowher Power Hour and Dream Wild comfortably lead the proceedings with 8 points each, with closest pursuers being 2 and 3 points away. It is notable leaders, despite being opposite sides of Warhammer society, share their brutal take on the game, both being the most violent in the MML. On the other side of the table, 3 teams are still looking for their first win, however draws keep them from relegation “death trap” so far. Interestingly to note Bill Cowher Power Hour face Dream Wild this week and this game could easily decide the future of conference. If Walking Dead Reanimated win their game, they could still hop in contention for playoffs against one or even both of these teams.

Sword Coast/Wicked Forest

In this playpool, it’s a three horse race, with Harrelsons, White Owlz and Witch’s Coven with 8 points with outside pressure by Revang of The Dwarfs with 5 points. In the bottom, without wins Slaan Seers and Rodentia Ad nauseam are flirting with relegation, but not directly threatened, yet, courtesy of their draws. However, none of the elves have played each other yet and nothing is set in stone yet! In next three of them points will be dropped and contenders will be filtered from pretenders, potentially with current midcarders sneaking into playoffs.

Iron League/First 4

This is this weeks closest pool in the Pros! Princes of Arioch are current favorites to at the very least qualify for playoffs, however 6 (!) teams are still within touching distance of them. All of those, but Wrecking Kru, are reasonably mobile teams, likely to be able to steal points from the current champions and table leaders. Wrecking Kru has already done this in week 2, holding them to a 2-2 draw. Surely, it’s hard to predict anything in this playpool! And there’s Disco Divas. With just one point to their name in 4 weeks, they are currently threateened by relegation and hard-pressed to end somebody’s hopes of playoffs.

Dungeon West/Noble South

Another conference with two clear leaders, Black Marsh Monitors and USA BallStars, with an outside bid by Necro Feel-Ya, who are trailing the leaders by two points. Meanwhile, we have Karag Dron Krushers with 1 point hoping to earn more points to avoid relegation. With 3 teams being both 5 points out of qualification spots and relatively safe from relegation, it is quite likely they would not go all out versus Krushers and they might have a fair chance of sneaking a win or two. Especially it being worth mentioning that was what exactly happened last week when their fellow relegation contenders New Orcland Grunts beat the USA BallStars to relieve some pressure on themsleves, and teach some manners to the overachieving newcomers to the pros!

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