Proudstarr “Maniacs MobStarrs”

A goblin with a folder full of parchment enters an office somewhere undisclosed. He sits at a large wooden table, a half-orc on the other side scans him over as he sits. The room is low lit so the half-orcs features are slightly obscured. His hair is worn tied back in a long braid, half so dark it blends with the shadows the other half bright green. The goblin peers into his eyes, bottomless black pits with a tiny fire in them stare back.  Proudstarr’s voice booms “Mr. Niggleswoth I presume?” the goblin nods. “I have requested you due to your experience and knowledge of this league. This is not the first Team i have coached, but normally I do so alone. I need your knowledge and skill to recruit my players. So what have you got for me?”

The older goblin hops up laying out his papers on the table. “Before we started, i’m curious why they call you Maniac?”  Proudstarr made an odd snicker and waved his hand as a Line Orc enters the room. “This is Juice! He played for my Green Reapers for 3 tuff seasons.”  The little orc smiled to reveal most of his teeth missing and a fang broken clean off. “He has been a great player!” Without notice proudstarrs hand quickly comes out snapping the players neck. “Win or Lose we have a job to do. If someone gets in the way of that then……..”  He gestures at the dead orc. The goblin grimaces “Whats the Job?”  Maniac chuckles “You don’t worry about that. We are both being payed very well and all you need to do is keep the players well…Lets start with the rumors rundown before we get to the team…”

The goblin pulls some parchment and starts reading. “First I hear it may be the Grunts last season. Could be a chance to cement ourselves in the League.” Proudstarr just watches and listens as he rattles many rumers off… “Last two things is this bit about the four horsemen.”  The half-orcs voice booms “HORSEMEAT!!”   the goblin nods going to the last item.  “And some group calling themselves the Sinister Six seemed to opening some eyes and making a play as the top dogs in the League.”  Proudstarr grins “Those coaches are all friends of mine so nothing to worry about there. Look I go where the money is…Unless someone can pay more..”  Proudstarr waves his hand at the roster sheets as Mr. Nigglesworth picks them up, smiling at his work..

“First I have the two Black Orc cousins from the Red Mountains. Tuton AmerFist and Turna Blindeye. There tribe is in constant battle with the Chaos in the Area. Just don’t put them beside each other on the line..The tend to argue among themselves..Second is our Black Orc from Festering Marsh Metal Mouff. His Tribe is encroaching some land overrun by Skaven and Nurgle. They seem to have a resistance to the poison and Nurgles Rot there. and Lastly the Black Orc you requested from the Badlands Humey SkullCap. He is quite a specimen.”

Proudstarr grins slyly. “He was a prospect I was watching for the Reapers. So I brought him along.. Trust me he’ll work out..” Mr. Nigglesworth nods and continues on.  “You said you wanted strong players that show resistance to Nurgles Rot so 2 of our Blitzers Deaf Runna and Jazper Jackboots are also from Festering Marsh. Extremly capable players. The Last 2 blitzers you requested from the Badlands Cyna Starr and Grunk Ballbusta, But we dont know how the nurgle might affect them.”  Proudstarrs grin stretched from ear to ear as he put a case on the table. “I have a plan for that. Every player gets these injections 3 times a week and give them all the strength training you can!!”  Mr.Nigglesworth nods again ” To finish out your roster we have a Thrower from Mountain Top called Olg Longarm, A second Thrower the Grunts passed on Hella Rocket. Lastly you have my eldest son Gonna “GM” Nigglesworth.”  Proudstarr never used goblins before “You sure you want your kid playing for me?”

The old goblin nodded “Him and my other son when hes old enough.I want them to learn from a Top notch coach. Proudstarr Nodded “Just remember if they screw up you might find yourself on the pitch!” Mr.Nigglesworth cringed “If you say so boss. I have confidence in my sons. We are still searching for a suitable Troll to plug the line. You like the “Orc Wall” right?”   Proudstarr smiled ” You do your homework. I do use it a lot against certain teams. So far we look good. Now FIND ME MY TROLL.”   Proudstarr sets a bag of coins on the table as he stands. “This is your starting cash..Now we have to get to a meeting with the Sinister 6.”……………………

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