Proudstarr’s Progression Pt 1

Proudstarr sat at his plush desk overlooking the field. Mr.Nigglesworth was out rounding up some farm Lizzys for him to try and to bolster the M4’s ranks. The new group was doing nicely so far and there was much goin on. Some Dwarves hired Proudstarr for a hefty sum to coach a team in the DTTL tourney. The team was doing well even though they had mostly faced the live strength of Khemri teams.. The Sinister 7 break up was still a sore wound for many but we found a way to keep most of us together. ( Heard in the Background “Yet hope remains if the party stays true”) “Great now i got Elven female Voices in my head!!” As his attention is draw towards the voice he notices the CabalVision was on. “Oh its just that Lord of The Dead Kings movie! All the Dead Kings come back we all know that, so why make it a movie?” Turning off the CV he sat back down at his desk. Looking over the papers that were there.

“Nigglesworth get in here!” The young son of Mr.Nigglesworth bounced in as gobbos are known to do. “So how you likeing the game so far?” The young gobbo jumped into the chair accross from Proudstarr smileing. “Its great boss we get to play 2 games in 1 and watch others do the same, but not as good as us!!” Proudstarr raised an eyebrow “Two games in one. What game am I unaware of Nigglesworth?” The little gobbo seemed confused “Didnt Dad tell you the game all gobbos learn as childern?? Its how many times can you pull off a “NSTS” befor the Ref catches you.” Prodstarr seemed a bit mad “What the hell is NSTS?” Nigglesworth slightly cringed. He took a small piece of chalk out and drew the outline of a body on the floor with NSTS drawn in spacific areas. (Nuts,Sturnum,Throught,Skull) “Dad said it stands for “National Society of Trauma Studies” and that the more damage you do to the body the more money they pay you!! I guess they like them really broken..” Proudstarr smiled wickedly thinking to himself how devious Mr.Nigglesworth really was befor replying to his son. “Well thats a game I can get behind, so enjoy yourself playing bolth on the pitch and ill see about some bonuses for sever damage done! Just dont go out there and get hurt your first game kid..” Nigglesworth jumped up on his way out the door. “You got it boss,just let me know NSTS prospects befor each game.” Proudstarr thought “This next season is gonna be a blast!!!”

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