Puma’s Pro Troubles

Dragoon had done well in his first season in the MML, managing to reach the Pro’s swiftly with only 1 loss to the Puma’s name. Coach Dragoon was carried into Amazonica and was declared the best Amazon coach in the world.

After some time had passed drinking the puma wine and feasting with the fellow Amazons, coach Dragoon was visited by a wondering Amazon. She exclaimed to him that her codename was Tank Grrrl. She seemed to fit into his Puma’s side nicely so decided to let her play with them in the upcoming season in the Pros.

It was finally time for pro’s. After weeks of preparing, training and practicing tactics given to them from Dragoon, the Puma’s were now heading to the big leagues. Dragoon quickly highlighted that her Puma’s would not do well against the 2 dwarf teams in there group. One being a former champion, Dwarfageddon…they were first. The Puma’s did not get off to a good start loosing there first game, and loosing there kicker to the mean ugly dwarfs.

The second game had commenced and the Puma’s didn’t play very well but they got a draw so it would have been harsh to criticize them to much. Followed by a Dark Elf team what was also a hard fought draw. Then the second dwarf team had arrived on the seen. Red Rolling Rockers, coached by a very sexy Scottish Dwarf. The Puma’s almost managed to sneak a point in against the Dwarfs but could not when the team started to come off in stretchers. Luckily there was no bodybags to go with the stretchers as the Dwarf team masterfully beat the Puma’s in the second half.

Dragoon knew he needed to get some points on the board or otherwise the Puma’s would be relegated and Dragoon would most likely be killed when he went back into Amazonica. The Puma’s next 2 games were against the Rats and Wood elves and the less said about them games the better as they are way to fast for the Puma’s.

It was the final game of the season against the freaks. Dragoon needed to get a point at the minimum or face relegation. The game went fantastically, the plan that Dragoon had planned to use had worked beautifully and the Puma’s controlled the game and went into the final turn with a comfortable 1-1. All that needed to happen was for his thrower to run the ball into the touchdown to win the game 2-1. The stadium had gone quiet. Everyone stared at her. It was good, she ran past Gixers body who was flailing on the floor. It was going so well the crowd started to cheer. But just as there was going to be a glorious moment, she tripped over a blade of uncut grass and knocked the ball forward. The whistle blew that was the end of the game, 1-1 was the final score. Of course Dragoon was happy to get a point but it didn’t stop him from going over to a goblin in the crowd and borrowing his chainsaw. Dragoon started to run across the field one step after the next revving the chainsaw. Tank Grrrl and Whirlwind holding Dragoon back from sawing the Beauty in half. After a few minutes Dragoon had calmed down and he enjoyed as the Pumas fans clapped them off the field.

“On to the new season Girls. Lets get a win next time.” Dragoon was heard saying heading for the changing room. The end of a troublesome pro season.

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