Questioning Coach Sestonn’s Dignity

Questioning Coach Sestonn’s Dignity

by Alan Mittag


The situation was horrible.  After an all out war, the semifinal between Wrecking kru and Dignity was in deliberation.  The Overtime kick off coin flip went to Caven08, coach of Wrecking kru, who selected to receive but the Blood Bowl officials instead forced him to kick, essentially giving the ball, and the game, to Dignity.

Minutes after the match, Coach Sestonn seemed to be understanding of the glitch, and was willing to replay the match.  But after a few hours, he took it back and forced the MML board to make the decision.

I’m here with Coach Sestonn now, and I have a few questions for him about his Dignity, and how he could go back on his word to offer a rematch.  Although while I ask him about it, I am reminded that this is the same prick that locked me in a training hall with Physique.

“Coach Sestonn,” I said.  “Right after the match, you told all of the fans that if Caven08 wanted to replay the match, you would agree to it.”

“I did,”  Coach Sestonn said.  “I suppose it would have been better to say that I would think about it.  We just finished a two hour war, perhaps the most difficult match I have ever coached, and as soon as the stress was relieved my brain was in rest mode.  But definitely yes, I should have said ‘I would consider it.'”

“What did make you change your mind?”

“At first I was putting myself in Caven’s shoes, and yes, what happened is a horrible thing and the whole blood bowl world should be raging against the game’s creators.  But after I had time to relax and think over the entire situation, I realized that we would be replaying a game due to a non-decision of a coin flip.”

“A nondecision?” I said.  “What do you mean by that?”

“Everyone needs to choose to receive on Overtime.  Over time is sudden death, and the only reason to kick the ball would be confidence, cockiness, and a taunt to your opponent.  Let’s face it, if you are the kind of team that easily scores when you kick the ball to your opponent, you are not in Overtime.”

“But a nondecision?”

“Everyone chooses to receive.  Everyone.  100%.  So that means we would be replaying an entire game due to a 50/50 coinflip, and to me that doesn’t sound right.  Right after the game, if I were in Caven08’s shoes, I would have wanted a rematch.  So that’s why I thought I would give him one.  But after enough time to think about it, if I were in Coach Caven08’s shoes, I would have realized we would be replaying an entire game because a coin flip was faulty, and would have retracted my insistence on a replay.  Afterall, the coin could have gone the other way, and then Dignity might have chosen to receive and been handed the ball to kick.  If this crappy goblin were to referee half of the post-season matches, would we replay every one of them that went to overtime?”

That doesn’t mean that I am happy with the result.  I’m not.  Coach Caven08 deserves better, and frankly, so do I.  It’s wrong that such an important match was brought to controversy because a goblin referee can’t understand the hand signals for receive, especially in a situation where YOU WOULD NEVER CHOOSE TO KICK!  If that referee thought Caven had chose to kick, he should have been confused enough to double check.”  Coach Sestonn does a bad impression of a goblin’s whiny voice, “‘Are you sure you want to kick?’  In which case, any of us would have said, ‘No you idiot!  I don’t want to bloody kick!'”

“So where do we go from here?,” I said.

“I left the decision to the MML  Board.  They need to decide how to handle this situation whenever one of those dumb-ass goblins does this again.  Do we reset?  Or do we just consider this error to be part of the 50/50 coin flip?  As far as our game is concerned, I am completely understanding and will not raise a fuss if the Board decides we should replay it, but they need to make the decision for everyone, for every time this happens, since we only have overtime in important matches.”

“But Coach Sestonn,” I said.  “Aren’t you on the Board?”

“I temporarily removed myself so that this decision could be made by unbiased leaders.”

“And what do you have to say to the fans you lost over this whole situation?”

“The only thing I can say.  It’s not my fault, but I’m sorry it happened.  I’m sorry that I immediately jumped the gun saying I would accept a replay without giving it enough thought.  And I’m sorry to Coach Caven08 for the very same thing.  Before I gave it significant thought, I was of the mind that a replay was the right thing to do.  But the more I thought about it, the more I was sure his was a situation the MML Board should rule on.

“That’s enough questions, Alan.  There’s no right answer.  This has been horrible.  And I need to take a break from it for a little while.  Hopefully the Board can come to a reasonable solution and present it in a way that makes this a bit less awful.”  He went to turn away, but stopped.  “And stress this in your article, Alan.  If you are a Dignity fan, a Wrecking kru fan, or even a Blood Bowl fan, push the game developers into hiring better goblin referees!  There is no reason for this kind of nonsense!”




  2. my money is on los pumas by the way. Seston i can understand why you didn’t replay and I’m just ribbing you.

  3. To anyone that doesn’t see my point of view, ask yourself how many times a full game should be replayed because of the same glitch on a 50/50.

  4. yeah seston i undestand not wanting to replay this game, however if you beat los pumas (or the tree hawks) in the finals you will neeeeever live this one down ;).

  5. but Sestonn, it wasn’t a 50/50 at that point! I WON THE TOSS. That is now a 100% my choice, no choice for you. So, in my opinion, your logic is flawed in believing it was a random coin toss. It wasn’t. The toss had been decided. You even stated “I thought you misclicked”, then you provided a link to the exact same thing that happened in a PC version. So, you fully acknowledged that I had won the toss.

  6. What makes it still a 50/50 is that the choice made afterwards is always 100%. That’s the point I was making. Once I realized that, and the fact that a replay could have caused the very same effect again and again, each time making an epic match count for nothing because of that 50% x 100%, I would have withdrawn my request to replay (If it were the other way around.) It would of sucked, but I would have let go, realizing that until they fix it that bug is part of the coin flip 50/50. Once I came to that decision, I tried to find a way that I still felt was fair to both of us and would have been fun as well. You didn’t like that idea, and I do completely understand why. So since I was now of the opinion that I would not press a replay if I were in your shoes, I felt it best for the Board to make a decision that would lead the way should this bug strike its ugly head again.

    I do realize that you don’t see it that way. I completely agree that it does suck, and I’m sorry that it happened. But you know me. I stand by what I believe and try to choose the lesser of two evils. Once I was certain that I would not have pressed for a replay in your shoes, it no longer felt right to me in mine.

    In the end I hope you can see that I did what I felt was right, even if you disagree with it. Every decision was a bad one, and its Cyanide’s fault.

    And now a bit of comedy to lighten the mood. It’s not exactly the same, since the ref mistook the call to receive, but its similar enough to be funny.

  7. I think what makes it worse for me is that if I had been in your shoes, I would have granted a replay. I always strive for what is right, and had the computer cheated you, it would have been wrong for me to continue. That is who I am. If I lose on a misclick, I accept my action and move on. If I win due to a glitch, I don’t want that victory. (I’m not saying that is how you should feel. It’s how I would feel.) In real life, we had an umpire make an incorrect decision in one of our games that gave us a benefit. (My player double hit a bunt, making it safely to first. The umpires didn’t see it. Opposing coach argued. I walked over and told the umpires that she did double hit, and he was right. A single turned into a strike, but it was the right thing to do. I realize I am in the minority in that situation, but I feel like if more people did what was right, instead of what was self-serving, it would be a better world. Good luck in your final!! Oh, I can’t resist this last bit. #tainted

  8. …self serving would have been giving my friend a replay that I didn’t believe in, instead of taking the difficult road, doing what I felt was right, and feeling like crap about it. You think this is about going to the bloody final? What the Heck do I care if I go to the final? It’s only a game. …and a community.

    But let me spell this out one more time so that you can see my point. Replaying this game would have made an epic game count for nothing. A replay between our two teams the way they were has a very high potential to tie again. If the bug strikes again, you want to replay again? At what point is it ridiculous? Especially when we have the same chance at a coin flip, and the same chance of that coin flip having a bug that reverses it.

    Its great that you are an honest person and explained the real situation to your umpire. Yes, more people should be that way. I’m that way. I’ve given back every dollar that I have ever seen dropped. That’s not what this about.

    This is about you being cheated by a faulty game affect that had the exact same chance to effect me, and my decision that if I had been the one effected, I would not have replayed it. Although, I would have wanted to at first until I had time to think about it.

    But why wouldn’t I have wanted to replay it? 1) Because the bug would have had the same chance to effect you. 2) Because an entire game would have been wasted, for us and for the people that watched it. 3) Because that game would have been wasted due to a 50/50 chance that could easily have gone the other way. 4) Because the chance of us tying again is high, also raising the chance that the new game would be ruined by the same bug, being wasted, and causing another game.

    Now, if you can’t understand that, that’s too bad for you. But if you speak one more insulting word to me, you will have lost a friend.

  9. Sestonn, there was nothing in my post that was insulting to you. I even stated that I’m not saying that is how you should feel. I was simply expressing my point of view. The self-serving comment was in my real-life situation scenario, and nothing to do with our situation. If you mistook it for that, then I apologize.

    But please, don’t pretend that you don’t care if you go to the final. You told me you wanted an all-elf final. If you aren’t in it, it can’t be all-elf. So you care. Rightfully so, in my opinion.

    Again, good luck to you in the final. I hope it is a good and fair game.

  10. Well yeah, I mean, I care. We’re all playing this game and not caring at all would remove the competition factor. That would take all of the fun out of it. But I certainly don’t care to a level beyond entertainment value.

    Anyway, I’m sorry this happened. It sucks. Cyanide owes you, and I think even me, an apology.

    Expect the bug to strike me in the final. That’ll be karma. Haha.

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