Raising a Stink

The season was done and dusted, and after many ups and downs coach Girth’s band of unliving rogues had collected the prize no-one wanted-the wooden spoon.

Coach Girth however was optimistic, despite finishing bottom of one of the most competition playpools in recent memory, as his team had performed admirably against more established sides and, other than another comprehensive beating at the hands of coach Jofro and his bashy lizards,had rarely been embarrassed.

To the future Girth now looked, and with his Troupe surviving relatively unscathed (apart from the usual loss of one of his ill fated Wights) communications had been reopened with coach Fnords-with one particular player of most interest.

Coach Fnords was well know as  being excellent at nurturing talent and Girth had long followed the progress of Stinkbrood, a particularly frightening Wight.

Negotiations where entered and a deal was struck, and on a stormy night a horse drawn carriage arrived at The Main Stage and out stepped the hulking figure of Stinkbrood-greeted by the coach himself.

“Welcome Stinkbrood-long have I sought to bring your  ‘certain set of skills’ to my team-you can help bring glory and fame to my merry band as we aim towards the play offs and maybe even the hallowed final of the MML Pro’s”

Stinkbrood stared back at the Girth as he spoke, as silent as the grave… and then finally his skeletal jaw opened

“I lived to lead and fight, and still I hunger for this-if you wish me to lead then lead I must-captaincy must be mine!”

Coach Girth was momentarily silent, remembering the trouble in the past with Lucifer and his narrow escape, but Stinkbrood was a different class of player and he seemed an ideal leader for his team-Hamlet would understand-surely?

As the coach walked off with his new captainhe heard a sound coming from behind a refreshments stall outside the stadium, turning he thought he caught a glimpse of greyish green flesh that vanished into the shadows and was gone.

Muttering to himself Girth continued on his way-hoping the growls and screams in the night where in his imagination-had he made the right decision-only time would tell…

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  1. Hmmm… Your history with Captain’s is, indeed, a little chequered to say the least, Girth! – I wish you well with this new one and good luck next season! -Great story, apart from the slur on the character of the #ControlLizards! 😉

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