Ramblings of a Mad man

Rand sat in his office, working on plays, watching film of the upcoming season, the schedule had been released, and he knew his opponent and the game was set for tonight. Food strewn around the office randomly. “Oh man, the legendary spawn up first, you are screwed hahaha” Larek laughed looking over the schedule. “Oh Please the man is a self proclaimed legend who has brainwashed a single coach into jumping on his bandwagon, how does that make him legendary” Zyphos replied. “Will you guys please be quiet, I am studying, and cannot concentrate with you idiots arguing.” Rand snapped. “No need to study, you have 0 chance against the Legend. May as well give up and go home.” Larek retorted, chuckling. “We aren’t the only Horseman with a tough schedule” Semmi pointed out. “Though it seems we do have the toughest first game” Prater piped in.  The discussion was interrupted with a knock at the door.

“Come in” Rand barked, irritated. The team captain and self proclaimed star Coughee Mclung walked in. Rand got even more irritated, of all the players, this was the one that he had butted heads with the most. “Oh god, not this stuck up a..”  Larek began “Shut up” Rand snapped irritated. “How can I help you” Rand replied trying to calm down. “I hear we are playing some Arghcc.. legendary coaches rats Arghcc.. first game, is this true?” Coughee asked between hacks. Puss and ooze flying out of his mouth. “This guy is disgusting, why did you ever take this job” Piper asked mortified. “Well not sure he is Legendary, but we drew former pro coach Spawns, Skuttle Butts first game, why?” Rand ignoring, the voices replied.  “Great news, Arghcc.. I love rats, and it’s the perfect game Arghcc.. Arghcc.. to show how great I am.” “Eww how lame can this guy be, he hasn’t done anything on any level” Semmi said. “I mean he has got the skills and ability, lets just hope his big mouth translates to the pitch.” Zyphos chipped in.

Rand ignoring the idiots in his head replied. “Lets not get ahead of ourselves, I need you to stay focused and play the game I know you can, there are a few rats that I need you to target and take out, if you can, this game will be as good as won.” “Do not worry, I plan on Arghcc.. Arghcc.. Killing and eating as many rats as possible tonight” Coughee replied chest puffing out. “That’s all fine and dandy, but I have specific targets for you, Jiven a Gutter Runner, and his 2 Storm Vermin. They need to be removed, ignore the Rat Ogre, I have other plans for him, do this and we will win.” “What are the chances he actually listens to you, I say slim to none” Zyphos asked. “It wont matter, nothing we do will stop the Legend and his team from dismantling us, would not be surprised if Plague Inc retires after this game hahah” Larek laughed. “Shut up, if we play our game, legendary or not, we will beat these rats” Prater replied.”  Rand trying his best to ignore them listened to what Coughee was spitting out next. “I will do Arghcc.. Arghcc.. as I see fit and if it means I do what you say, Arghcc..  just know it’s my choice and nothing you say will make me do otherwise.” Coughee exclaimed as he walked out of the office. Rand didn’t try to stop him, just wiped some phlegm off some roasted Halfling Rump and began drawing up a new game plan for 10 players, Coughee was going to be an issue, but he would work around it.


  1. Fr:TheRealDrunph: I would like to offer Coughee McLung an endorsement deal with Riccolla #$$$

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